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The University of Limpopo, UL online applications 2023 has been open for admissions into various programmes in the institution. If you are searching for ul online application form 2023, University of Limpopo online application 2023 registration, online applications 2023, admission then keep reading.


University of Limpopo Student Portal -

University of Limpopo Undergraduate applications for 2023 are now open. Study at UL, a University that is finding solutions for Africa. You can now apply at the University of Limpopo to become an Undergraduate in 2023.

The University of Limpopo’s vision is to be a leading African University focused on the developmental needs of its communities and epitomising academic excellence and innovativeness.

University of Limpopo Online Application 2023 – Faculties

  • Health Sciences
  • Science & Agriculture
  • Humanities
  • Management & Law

Full Details – List of Courses Offered at University of Limpopo

UL Online Application 2023 – Admission Requirements

National Senior Certificate (NSC) with Bachelor exemption

Prospective students, with an NSC, who wish to gain entry to any undergraduate programme at the University of Limpopo, should comply with the following:

  • Life Orientation with an achievement level of at least three (3).
  • Aligned with the language policy of the university, English as a language of learning and teaching with an achievement level of at least three (3).
  • The required minimum levels of achievement in specific subjects as stipulated in the Calendars of each Faculty, provided that:
    • Four 20-credit subjects were achieved with a minimum NSC achievement level of four (4) for degree programmes and
    • Four 20-credit subjects were achieved with a minimum NSC achievement level of three (3) for diploma programmes.
  • The required Admission Point Score (APS) as stipulated in the Calendars of each Faculty.

Meeting the minimum APS for a particular programme does not, however, guarantee admission.

Matriculation Certificate (prior 2008)

Students, who successfully completed Grade 12 before 2008, can apply for admission to the University with the normal Grade 12 Senior Certificate with full university exemption by converting their grade symbols to an APS.

National Certificate (Vocational)

  • Students who have successfully completed a National Certificate Vocational NC(V) Level 4 qualification will require the following and will be subject to Faculty Admission Specifications and Placement Tests:
  • NC(V) level 4 certificate with 3 fundamental subjects 60% (Life Orientation included) and 4 relevant vocational subjects at 70% for degree programmes.
  • NC(V) level 4 certificate with 3 fundamental subjects 50% (Life Orientation included) and 3 compulsory vocational subjects at 60% for diploma programmes.

Important Related Information:

UL Online Application 2023 – How To Apply

All applications for admission must be submitted online during the prescribed application period. Follow the below steps if your want to Apply, Register, Change personal information, get academic and other information and make payments. The online application is free and you will need a valid email address and an internet connection.

  1. Goto the VUT Online Application Portal at –
  2. Under the “Prospective Students” section, click the New Application link if you want to Apply, Register, Change personal information, get academic and other information and make payments.
  3. Do you already have a student number?, select with Yes or No.
  4. If you are returning to complete the application, select Yes or No
  5. Do you have a Qualification Specific Token?, select Yes or No
  6. Read the application rules and accept it or not.
  7. Next, fill in the needed Biographical details and other information, you can follow the procedure on the “How to Complete Form” section below.
  8. Note: Online application has a handling fee of R200 for South African applicants and R750 for International, Deposits should be made to University of Limpopo, Standard Bank Account No. 030131405, use the applicant’s ID numbers / Passport Numbers as reference.

Once you have submitted your application form, please wait for 4 weeks before checking on your application status.

See Also – UL Late Application and How to Apply

Upload certified copies of the following in PDF format when you apply for undergraduate studies:

  • Your ID if you are a South African citizen
  • Your passport if you are an international student
  • Your guardian/parent’s ID or passport if you are younger than 18 years
  • National Senior Certificate if you have already matriculated
  • Your final Grade 11 results with the school’s stamp if you are still in Grade 12
  • Your academic record, only if you are a current student at another institution of higher learning
  • USAf accreditation from the examination board for South African universities, only if you are an international student. Apply to for conditional exemption, foreign conditional exemption, or mature age conditional exemption.

How to Complete a University of Limpopo Application Form


  • Qualification you intend following: this is the degree/diploma that you want to study. Please indicate your first, second and third choices, and consult the brochure for courses offered at the campus you wish to study at.


  • Title: A word that is used before someone’s name, stating their social rank, qualifications, position in an organization, sex, (e.g. Mr, Ms, Mrs, Miss, Prof, Dr etc.)
  • Initial (s):  First letter (s) of your name (s)
  • Surname: the surname that appears on ID/Birth certificate as well as matriculation statement/certificate.
  • Maiden Surname: for married women only (this is the surname before marriage).
  • Full Names: The names that appear on your birth certificate/identity document.
  • Identity Number (RSA): Thirteen (13) numbers that appear on your birth certificate/ ID Book; of which the first six  (6) numbers are your date of birth.
  • Date of Birth: The year, month and date that you were born (e.g. 17 September 2013)
  • Passport Number (International Students): A passport number is basically the number denoted on your passport as such. To locate the number on your passport, check on the top right hand corner of the page where your photo is and find the place where it is indicated ‘passport number’.
  • Passport Expiry Date: The date on your passport indicating end of your stay in a foreign country
  • Marital Status: Indicates whether you are married, single, divorced or a widow.
  • Gender: Your biological identity (e.g. Male or Female)
  • Home Language/Mother Tongue: The language spoken at home.
  • Religion/Church Affiliation: the religion you follow (e.g. Christianity, Islam).
  • Occupation: what you are doing currently (e.g. Grade 12 pupil, student).
  • Physical impairment: (e.g. Blindness, deafness, paraplegic, etc) this is in order for the University to assist with your needs.
  • Residential or Physical Address: this is the home address or street address.
  • Postal Address: this is the address where you receive your post from.
  • Contact Details (Telephone No, Cell No, Fax No, E-mail):


  • Citizenship/Nationality: (e.g. South Africa, Namibian, etc)
  • Ethnic Group: this information is mainly required for government reporting (i.e. Black, White, Colored, or Indian).
  • Province/State: this is the province which you come from (e.g. North West, Mpumalanga, etc).
  • Rural/Urban/Peri-Urban: please indicate the nature of the area you come from.


  • Examination Date; this is the anticipated date for your examination if you are a current matriculate or the date that you sat for matriculation examination if you wrote previously (e.g. November 2008 or November 2007).
  • Highest Grade: the highest grade or standard you have passed (e.g. Grade 11 for current matriculate, Grade 12).
  • Examination Number: please provide if it has already been issued.
  • Matriculation Certificate Type: how the matric was obtained (for those who have already passed matric) e.g. matriculation certificate with endorsement or matriculation certificate without endorsement.
  • School Name: The school you obtain your matriculation/grade12 certificate.
  • Examination Department: indicate the province your school is in.
  • Last Examination: The date, month and year that you wrote your last examination.
  • Subject and Results of Last Examination: As indicated on your grade 11 report or grade 12 statement of result.


  • This information is important for applicants that studied at this or another institution of higher learning before. Please note that false information on this part will result in your application not to be considered.


  • This is optional. Accommodation is limited on Campus. Completing this section does not guarantee that you will be allocated accommodation.


  • This is optional.  Application forms are available at Student Finance Office.


  • Refer to Personal Details
  • Complete this section ONLY if you or your guardian/Parent/Spouse is a staff member of the University of Limpopo.


  • This is to declare that the information provided by the applicant on the application form is true and correct.

UL Online Application 2023 – Prospectus

We recommend you download the University of Limpopo UL Prospectus for proper guidance. Click here to access the Prospectus.

UL Online Application 2023 – Application Status

After successful submission of your application form, you may want to start tracking your application status. The following page shows you how to do that properly.

Click here if you want to track your application status or confirm an offer.

University of Limpopo Application 2023 – Closing Date

University of Limpopo Applications closes on 29 October for South Africans and 30 September 2021 for internationals.

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