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Table of Contents Application For Provider Of Goods & Services : Municipality

Organization : Langeberg Municipality


Type of Facility : Application For Listing As Provider Of Goods & Services

Location : Ashton


Langeberg Application Provider Of Goods & Services

** In terms of the Supply Chain Management Policy, the Langeberg Municipality must have a database of providers of goods and services.

Related : Langeberg Municipality Chief Audit Executive :

** SMME’S and local businesses specifically are encouraged to register on the database, because the municipality wants to promote SMME’S and local businesses.

Code Of Conduct For Suppliers

** Langeberg Municipality is strongly committed in observing the highest ethical standards in all its procurement activities.

** As such, this Code of Conduct for Suppliers has been prepared to provide clear summary of Langeberg Municipality expectation form the suppliers in all procurement dealings, ensuring that internationally recognized procurement ethics are followed.

** Transparency and accountability should be strictly adhered to in all procurement activities.

Policy on Corruption and Position on Conflict of Interest

** Langeberg Municipality expects all contracted suppliers and companies seeking to sell goods and services to conduct their business in accordance with the highest ethical standards

** Shall not, directly or indirectly, offer, give or agree or promise to give to any Langeberg Municipality staff any gratuity for the benefit of/or at the direction or request of any Staff or Langeberg Municipality;

** To immediately inform the Langeberg Municipality in the event that any Staff or Langeberg Municipality solicits or obtained or has made an attempt to obtain gratification for himself/herself or for any other persons.

** To immediately declare if any of the Company’s staff and/or officers had or have any relative employed with Langeberg Municipality. Failure to make such declaration shall be construed as a conflict of interest and might result in the exclusion of the supplier from present and future procurement activities and/or other legal action as deemed fit by the Organization.

Representation from Suppliers

Langeberg Municipality expects all its suppliers to honestly declare and warrant that :

** It will comply with all rules, regulations and statutory requirements relating to the provision of the products/services to Langeberg Municipality;

** It will not act in concert with other suppliers or agents when participating in a bid;

** It is a duly authorized/certified provider of the supplied products/services and shall not, expressly or impliedly hold itself out to be an agent/representative of a third party provider of the same products/services;

** It will only supply products that are certified to be of merchantable and satisfactory quality;

** The supplier processes the necessary capabilities, equipment and suitable place of business to perform its obligations;

Applicability of the Code of Conduct :

** This Code of Conduct shall apply to all Suppliers, sub-contractors and to other entities acting behalf of them (approval of Langeberg Municipality).

Monitoring compliance to the Code of Conduct :

** Develop and maintain all necessary documentation to support compliance with the described standards; such documentation must be accurate and complete;

** Provide Langeberg Municipality representatives with access to relevant records, upon Langeberg Municipality request;

** Allow Langeberg Municipality representatives to conduct interviews with the supplier’s employees and with management separately;

** Allow Langeberg Municipality representatives to conduct announced and unannounced site visits of supplier locations; and

** Respond promptly to reasonable inquiries from Langeberg Municipality representatives in relation to the implementation of the Code of Conduct.

Checklist For Documents To Be Attached :

** Registration Document (As In Par 4)

** Copy Of Vat Certificate

** Copy Of Income Tax Clearance Certificate

** Cancelled Cheque / Bank Statement

** Certified Copy Of Shareholder Certificates Or Proof Of Ownership

** Copy Of Id Document Of Owner/S Of Business

** Copy Of Rates & Services Account

This application must be completed and returned to :

The Municipal Manager

Private Bag X2



NB :

** Please complete the form fully – use a black pen.

** Please print so that all information is legible.

** Forms that are not readable or incomplete will be rejected.

** Each page must be initialled.

** Please Keep Copies Of Registration Form And All Documentation Submitted For Your Own Records As No Copies Will Be Made By The Langeberg Municipality


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