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Table of Contents Join UCT Global Citizenship Programme : University of Cape Town

Organization : University of Cape Town


Type of Facility : Join UCT Global Citizenship Programme

Location : Cape Town


Join UCT Global Citizenship Programme

** The course is aimed at students who are already doing service while at UCT or at least interested in taking part in some form of voluntary service to work with and help address the needs of under-resourced, marginalised communities. You are required to organise your own community service and this needs to run concurrently with the course.

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GC2 :

** Service, Citizenship and Social Justice therefore has two parts: a community service component (10 hours) and a learning component where you will discuss and reflect on this experience with other students.

** The learning on the course will take place in both face-to-face group sessions, as well as in the Vula online environment.

** The face-to-face and online learning will enable you to engage with fellow students committed to and interested in playing a citizenship role through voluntary community service.

How much time & commitment?

** Service, Citizenship and Social Justice runs during the first semester of the academic year.

The course is structured as follows :

** There are eight two-hour class sessions on campus which take place from February through to May.

** Classes run from 5pm-7pm on Tuesday evenings.

** You are required to do online work on Vula outside of class sessions.

** You are required to do ten hours of self-organised community service (eg through on campus organisations like SHAWCO, Ubunye, Golden Futures, or off-campus orgs).

** You can expect to spend on average 3-4 hours per week on the course. This includes the two-hour classroom sessions and another 1-2 hours completing the online learning tasks such as blogs, prep work and other reading. On top of this you need to complete 10 hours of community service.

Note : GC2 is FREE to all UCT students. It is not credit-bearing but if you fully complete the course it will appear on your transcript as a short course.

To get the course recognised on your UCT transcript, you will need to:

** Attend 80% of class activities

** Do 10 hours of service

** Complete the required online activities (4 short blogs)

** Submit a final reflective essay

Self and service :

** Why do I volunteer? What motivates me? What is ‘experiential learning’ and how can this tool help me in my learning?

Service in contexts of inequality :

** What are the issues facing the broader communities where I do my service? How do relationships, particularly relationships of power impact on service?

Paradigms of service

** What are the different perspectives and definitions of service? Is social change an inherently ‘better’ or ‘higher’ form of service than charity?

** Which paradigm fits my view of service?

Development and service :

** What does development mean?

** What do the different meanings have for the practice of development, and the kinds of ‘success’ we look for?

Understanding organisations :

** What role do organisations (like student development agencies) play in shaping how development and community service take place?

Service and citizenship :

** What does ‘citizenship’ mean? And ‘global citizenship’?

** What is the relationship between service and citizenship? And between being a student and being a citizen?

Sustaining insights :

** What have I learnt about myself, about service, about being a citizen?

** And how might I take these forward into new service experiences?


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