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If you want to Apply for WITS NSFAS application 2024 as a University of Witwatersrand student, read on to learn how to apply now.


If you are a returning student of WITS who wants to apply for NSFAS for the first time, or your funding was cancelled and you want to appeal? You’re at the right place for these answers and many others.

In this article, we’re taking you through WITS NSFAS application 2024, how to apply for NSFAS funding, requirements for WITS NSFAS funding, who qualifies for WITS NSFAS funding, etc.

Let begin.

WITS NSFAS Application 2024

Students of the University of Witwatersrand (WITS) can apply for NSFAS funding for this academic year.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has opened applications for the 2024 academic year. All students in South Africa’s public universities and TVET Colleges can apply for the funding.

This includes students who are also at the University of Witwatersrand and that’s how we get WITS NSFAS online application.


Requirements For WITS NSFAS Application 2024

  • You own cellphone number and email address.
  • Copy of your ID or birth certificate.
  • ID Copies of parents / guardian / spouse.
  • Your proof of income (if applicable).
  • You parents’ / guardian’s / spouse’s proof of income.
  • If you are a SASSA grant recipient, no proof of income will be required.
  • Applicants with a disability must submit a completed and signed Disability Annexure A Form.
  • An applicant who is recognized as a Vulnerable Child by the Department of Social Development must provide a completed and signed Vulnerable Child Declaration Form.
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Who Qualifies To Appy For WITS NSFAS Funding

Applicants are only eligible for the NSFAS funding if;

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • Prospective students who applied for study admission at WITS for the 2024 academic year for a first undergraduate qualification.
  • WITS Students who were approved for NSFAS funding in 2022 but did not study in 2022 academic year
  • Able-bodied individuals must have a household income that comes to R350 000 or less per year
  • People living with disabilities household income must come to R600 000 or less per year

There is no age limit for the bursary and SASSA grant beneficiaries immediately qualify for funding.

Do NOT apply if you meet the following criteria:

  • Foreign student (NOT a South African citizen)
  • Total household income is over R350 000 per annum
  • Students who have already applied and received funding in previous years. They are automatically funded for the duration of their studies, provided they pass their modules and meet the academic requirements.
  • Students who have completed a previous qualification, unless they apply for an approved funded post-graduate qualification.

Important Notice

It is very important that during the application, the applicant provides the correct ID number, name(s), and surname as reflected in their ID documents.

NSFAS will validate the ID upfront. This will allow us to prepopulate your application form with the validated and correct information received from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), Department of Basic Education (DBE), and others.


WITS NSFAS Application 2024 Opening Date

NSFAS application for 2024 opens on 2 November 2022. Both prospective students and returning students of WITS are to apply as soon as possible when the application for NSFAS funding is opened.

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WITS NSFAS Application 2024 Closing Date

NSFAS application for 2024 closes on 7 January 2024. Both prospective students and returning students are encouraged to apply before the application for NSFAS funding closes.

WITS students are to apply within the NSFAS appplicaiton opening and closing dates before the deadline.

Why Is My WITS NSFAS Application Unsuccessful?

As a WITS student, your application for NSFAS will be rejected if;

  1. You have already completed an undergraduate degree or diploma qualification.
  2. If you have received NSFAS funding in 2022 and your funding is still active
  3. If you’re not a South African citizen
  4. If you’re reading a Short Learning Certificate programme
  5. If you’re doing a postgruade programme

Can WITS Students Appeal To NSFAS?

Yes, you can appeal to NSFAS for funding as a student of the University of Witwatersrand (WITS) if your previous application was unsuccessful.

You should go here NSFAS Appeal For 2024 to appeal to NSFAS.

You can appeal during the period when NSFAS appeal is active. Therefore you should appeal as soon as possible when applications are open before the appeal deadline.


How Do I Apply For NSFAS At WITS?

Follow the below guide and apply for NSFAS funding as a WITS student.

To apply for NSFAS, go here NSFAS Online Application (2024) for a comprehensive guide on how to apply for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme funding for your 2024 academic year.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on MyNSFAS tap
  3. Create MyNSFAS Account
  4. Click on Apply
  5. Complete the information required in the section
  6. Upload all the required supporting documents
  7. Click Submit to send your NSFAS online application
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I Want to Apply for WITS Admission.

If you are yet to apply for the University of Witwatersrand Online Application 2024 (Click here for a Guide on How to Submit your WITS Application Form Online)

WITS NSFAS Application FAQs

IS NSFAS Open For 2024 At WITS?

No, the NSFAS application for 2024 at WITS is open from 2 November 2022 to 7 January 2024. All students of WITS, both prospective students and continuing students who need NSFAS funding are to apply.

Does NSFAS Pay Registration Fees At WITS?


Yes, NSFAS pays registration fees for WITS students. Again, students who are funded at the University of Witwatersrand get all NSFAS funding benefits including payment of tuition fees, resident accommodation fees, and all other NSFAS allowances.

Can I Register At WITS Without NSFAS Funding?

You can still go to study for your qualification at WITS without NSFAS funding. However, you’ll need to pay all the costs of your education by yourself.

Again, you can register if your application is not yet approved but WITS 2024 registration is getting to its closing date.

After NSFAS approves your application for funding, they will reimburse your registration fees to you.

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