UCT Mathematics Competition 2022 :

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UCT Mathematics Competition 2022 :

Organisation : University of Cape Town


Competition Name : UCT Mathematics Competition 2022

Applicable For : Students from grade 8 to 12

Registration Open From : 1 February 2022


UCT Mathematics Competition

The 2022 UCT Mathematics Competition will take place on the evening of Tuesday 4 May on the UCT campus.

The Competition will be run in the same format as for the last 40 years. However, it is possible that some form of Covid social distancing or lockdown will still be in place, and appropriate changes may have to be made.


The objectives of the competition are

** to popularise mathematics among high schools in Western Cape

** to raise awareness among both learners and teachers that mathematics is a subject that is enjoyable and accessible for all

** to identify promising students and offer them opportunities for further development of their mathematical talents

** to attract students to study mathematics at UCT.

Conditions Of Entry

1. Only high schools in the Western Cape may take part.

2. Registration is online go to and click on Entry form.

3. At most FIVE individuals and FIVE pairs in each grade may be entered.

4. The first name and surname of each individual entry must be given. The names of pairs need not be given.

5. Each school must provide the name and contact details of at least one Invigilator. Invigilators will be informed a few days before the competition on where and at what time they will be required.

6. There is no entry fee.

Competition Rules

1. All entrants must wear school uniform. Individual entrants from the same school should not sit near each other. A pair will sit together, and will be allowed to consult each other, but two pairs from the same school should not sit near each other.

2. The competition will consist of a 30-question multiple-choice paper, lasting 75 minutes, for each grade. The first ten questions of the paper will be relatively easy, and worth 5 points each.

The next ten will be of medium difficulty, and worth 6 points each. The last ten will be difficult, and worth 7 points each. There will be no negative marking. A wrong answer will be awarded 0 points, and 1 point will be awarded for no answer.

3. The use of a calculator or any other calculating aid is not permitted.


1. Prizes and Gold Awards will be awarded to the top ten individuals in each grade, and the top three pairs.

2. Merit Awards will be awarded to the top 200 individuals in each grade, and the top 100 pairs.

3. All entrants will receive Certificates of Participation.

4. Five trophies will be awarded

1) The MONA LEEUWENBURG TROPHY will be awarded to the school with the best overall performance in the Competition.

2) The UCT TROPHY will be awarded for the best performance by a school which has participated in the Competition at most twice before. The award of these trophies will be determined by totalling the best 30 scores achieved by a school’s entrants.

3) The DIANE TUCKER TROPHY will be awarded for the best performance by a girl.

4) The MOOLLA TROPHY will be awarded for a notable performance from a school from a disadvantaged community.

5) The LESLEY REELER TROPHY will be awarded for the best performance by an individual over five years of participation.

6) Two trophies will be awarded to the winners of the UCT MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD.


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