Advertisements How To Apply For A Manufacturing/ Distribution Licence : Department of Trade,Export and Investment How To Apply For A Manufacturing/ Distribution Licence : Department of Trade,Export and Investment

Organization : Department of Trade,Export and Investment – dti


Head Quarters: Pretoria

Facility : How To Apply For A Manufacturing And/Or Distribution Licence


DTI How To Apply Manufacturing/ Distribution Licence

** To apply for a distribution and/or manufacturing registration, applicants need to visit the NLA online system on

** All instructions should be properly followed

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Instruction A: Shareholders Information

The applicant should provide the following information :

** Name(s) of applicant

** Race of applicant

** Gender of applicant

** Identity number of applicant

** Address of applicant

Instruction B: Financial Interest In The Liquor Industry

** The prospective registrant should indicate if they receive financial income from another entity within the liquor industry, e.g. ownership of a retail outlet, having shares in companies involved in the liquor trade etc.

** The prospective registrant should state where he/she has a financial interest in the liquor industry within the republic, and provide the information equally in respect of each shareholder, member, partner or beneficiary if the applicant or transferee is not an individual.

Instruction C: B-Bbee And Combating Alcohol Abuse

** The applicant needs to indicate their commitment in respect of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice (the codes can be accessed here.

** The applicant is expected to propose a contribution towards combating liquor abuse; he/she can make financial and/or non-financial contributions.

Instruction D:

The applicant should describe in detail the extent to which their activities will affect the following :

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** New entrants into the industry: Are your business activities going to encourage or hamper the entry of new entrants into the liquor industry?

** Job creation: Are your business activities going to help create more jobs within the industry?

** Diversity of ownership within the liquor industry: Will your registration promote or restrict ownership concentration at vertical or horizontal levels of the industry?

** Efficiency of operation: Your expertise to run a business of this nature.

** Exports: Are your business activities going to encourage or hamper the exportation of liquor from the country? Here the applicant also needs to indicate the volume and type of liquor to be exported, if any.

** Competition within the industry: Indicate how your business activities will affect competition within the industry. The applicant should provide a list of competitors as well as their market share within a particular geographic market.

Instruction F: Required Documents

Applications should be accompanied by :

** A business zoning certificate for industrial purposes or a consent letter from the relevant municipality;

** A comprehensive written representation in support of the application;

** Any determination, consent approval or authority required by the Act;

** Valid proof that the prescribed application fee has been deposited in the bank account of the dti;

** A valid certified copy of ID or passport of the applicant;

** Trading business permit if the applicant is a foreigner;

** A South African Police Services (SAPS) police clearance certificate not older than three months from the date of issue;

** If the applicant is a juristic person, valid copies of registration issued by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) or any other relevant registration authority indicating the financial interest of all members, shareholders, partners or beneficiaries as the case may be;

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** A valid tax clearance certificate if the applicant is a juristic person issued by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) within 12 months from the date of application; and

** Verification certificate issued in terms of the B-BBEE Act.

Registration Fee

** Once the final conditions of registration are imposed and before registration, the applicant will be required to pay a registration fee that correlates with the projected annual turnover.

Registration Certificate :

** A NLA 9 registration certificate will be issued to the applicant with the final conditions of registration.

Annual Renewal :

** The registrant has to ensure that the registration is renewed annually and complete fully the form NLA 28 and pay the annual renewal fee.

** Renewal should be done a month before the expiry of the registration.

Lodgement Method

** Only new applications to be submitted at any time via

Any other applications may be hand-delivered, e-mailed or posted to :

the dti Campus

77 Meintjies Street

Block B, Ground Floor, Sunnyside



Private Bag X84




E-mail: nationalliquorauthority AT


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