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Labour How To Pay the Compensation Fund

** The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act requires employers to pay the Compensation Fund.

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Paying the Compensation Fund :

When employers want to pay, they must use the following steps :

Step 1 :

** Wait for the notice of assessment

** From April every year, the Compensation Fund sends employers notices of assessments that tell them how much to pay.

** This is done throughout the year, and it is not possible to predict when employers will receive their notices.

** If employers did not receive an assessment for a whole year, they must contact the Compensation Fund to find out if there is a problem.

Step 2: Pay

** The date that employers must pay is printed on the notice of assessment.

** It is usually within 30 days of when the notice was sent.

** There are 3 ways that employers can pay.

Paying by cheque

Employers can send a cheque to :

The Compensation Commissioner

PO Box 955



** If they send a cheque, employers must include the remittance advice part of the notice of assessment with the cheque.

** Employers should also write their reference numbers at the back of the cheque.

Paying by direct debit

** Employers can pay the amount directly into the Compensation Fund account at any ABSA branch.

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** A deposit slip with the banking details of the Compensation Fund is attached to the notice of assessment that employers get.

** The deposit slip also has a unique deposit reference number printed on it.

** If employers use another deposit slip, they must make sure that they include the reference number on that slip.·

Paying by Internet banking

** When employers pay via internet banking the client code they must use are 0170151.

** The reference number is the number printed on the deposit slip they receive with the notice of assessment.

** The banking details of the Compensation Fund are also printed on the deposit slip.


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