2022 Second Chance Matric Rewrite Results Statistics

The Department of Basic Education has now released the results for the 2022 Matric exam rewrites, also known as the Second Chance Matric Programme. Over 230 000 candidates sat for this round of Matric exams.


With the May/June examination period, which is the Matric examination rewriting period for 2022, ended in early July and now, the results have finally been released.

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239 024 participated in this exam period. 95 929 of them were for National Senior Certificate(NSC) and 143 499 were for Senior Certificate (SC). 772 404 scripts were marked by 9 323 markers in 54 marking centres.

Candidates can collect their results at a district office or at the exam centre they wrote at. Senior Certificate candidates can obtain their results from the Education Department website.

11 557 candidates passed Mathematics and 8 528 passed Physical Sciences.

This exam period began on 26 May and ended on 7 July with the department saying it was successfully administered, “despite the enormous challenges relating to the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) said the following in a statement:

Despite the protests and the rise in infections during this period, in certain provinces, the marking was completed according to plan, observing the high standards commensurate with these examinations.

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Some candidates either tested positive for Covid or were experiencing symptoms during this exam period and were then allowed to write in a special isolated venue.

A positive of this exam is that cheating involving crib notes, cell phone usage and impostors were less than in previous years.

This examination period is used for the following cases:

  • Adult candidates that have not attained a Matric qualification
  • Candidates that wrote the previous November examination but may not have met the requirements for a certificate
  • Candidates that wrote the previous November examination and may have passed but wish to improve their results
  • Learners who dropped out of school due to special circumstances
  • Candidates who were absent from the November examination with a valid reason

Should candidates not be satisfied with their result, they can request a recheck/remark or to view their script. This can be done at the exam centre or the district office.

The May/June examinations are done through the Second Chance Matric Programme. This porgramme also offers face to face support programmes, learning support material and online support.

Recommended – Check your Second Chance Matric Rewrite Results 2022

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