[Lyrics] Lil Baby – Large Lyrics



Maybach parked outside
Take up two parking spots
Barely old enough to drive
I been gettin' way too high
Livin' large, livin' large, livin' large, livin' large
Everybody livin' large
Livin' large, livin' large, livin' large, livin' large
Everybody livin' large

Started from the bottom, now the condo so big I don't see nobody
Pink toes, long hair, runnin' 'round the lobby
Livin' large every day like I hit the lottery, livin' large
Five star restaurants
Watchin' Floyd fight, we in the front
Hawks game, we on the floor
Niggas' bitches dirty bird me, Julio
Take my dogs all around the globe
Shooters with me, they go everywhere I go
Stickin' to the code, ain't gon' never fold
I'ma stand up like a man, that's what I was told
Hoppin' off a plane fresh as fuck, screamin' free Steve
We done had a damn good year, you wouldn't believe
I done counted a whole million cash with my bare hands
Dashboard say two twenty-five, I'm 'bout to do it
Percocet and molly on my ass, I'm 'bout to lose it
We been countin' cash for three hours, gettin' to it
I don't care if they never found the body, I don't watch the news
So much money on the floor like we just left a move
Shootouts in broad day with the cops
Nigga it ain't safe on my block
Nigga came a long way from rocks
I can not go home without the guap
We got Glocks tucked in the stash spot
We don't stop at stop signs, I'ma keep going
Man they killed my dawg over nothing, we was too cool
Remember gettin' that J to check us in when we was in high school
Hellcat goin' real fast
Hopin' I don't crash, I'm just tryna stay focused

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