[Lyrics] Kenny Muney – In A Rush Lyrics

(Hitkidd, what it do, man?)
I gotta get that
I’m talkin’ ’bout I gotta get that
Come on, man, I’m for real
I already told ’em I’m on the way
He bullshittin’


Yeah, these niggas been in the way, get the fuck over
I’m pullin’ up, thirty racks in my cup holder (Yeah)
And I got some more on my arm, wrist
Count so much money, I’m like wait ’til my arms itch
On the way to all that Cali, go get it
I ain’t got no service out here where the farms at
Bitch keep on callin’, she want me to come home and beat it up
She beggin’ me to come harm that
I’m in a rush to this green like I’m Tarzan
Damn, I was broke, but I ain’t goin’ back to that
Ran this shit up in a rush, what’s the odds, man?
Know niggas hate, so I’m ridin’ with this Carbon
Two-hundred-fifty racks sittin’ on my neck
You can add it up, but if you reach, you not smart, man
You in a rush to the hospital playin’ with me
Now go take that shit up with God, man (Bitch-ass)
Fuck these lil’ niggas, get back to the money
Let’s talk about why Kenny Muney got large bands
I hit the road with a truck full of bags
Got a truck full of bags, but not taking out garbage
I got a Benz on my wrist and a house on my neck
But these young niggas trap out apartments
‘Bows in the closet, got racks in the carpet
Try to go legal, but I cannot stop it
I don’t got time to be waitin’ on no check
I go get me a roll full of paper, no Charmin
I don’t got time to explain to you, bitch
Why I fucked and I dipped, I ain’t with all that arguin’
You know what’s up with you once you a broke boy (Bitch)
Look, I ain’t even gon’ lie, I love you
But I love my money, please don’t make me pick
‘Cause I promise I pick, then you gon’ think I’m heartless
Pull up for this bag, but I’m gone ’cause I’m in a rush
I’ll call you later for sure ’cause that shit was plush
Stole the bitch Mustang and told the bitch giddy-up
It’s so much money out here, gotta pick it up (On God)
Shit, I’ll walk, I’ll drive, I don’t give a fuck
Long as I get there, bitch, I’ll get the bucks
Turn around, spend it on choppers and jewelry
You think I did somethin’, but I promise I ain’t did enough
Ayy, I ain’t even gon’ lie, I need niggas to die
Let’s get this shit done, bruh, I’m in a rush
Like what it’s gon’ cost me to speed it up?
Shit, if it come down to it, I’m skiing up
Money on money, whole lot of everything
Who the fuck is these niggas that’s tryna compete with us?
All of my brothers like blood, they in the cut
And if I call ’em, they pullin’ up in a rush
Pullin’ up in a rush
I ain’t got the keys, I’m in a rush

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