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If you are a first-year student and you’re unsure of how registration at UWC works, we’re here to help! Keep reading to find out more about first-year registration.


The University of the Western Cape, better known as UWC, is a national university committed to excellence in teaching and learning. The university moved it’s registrations online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

UWC’s registration for first years is now open and will run from 23 February 2021 to 5 March 2021, these dates will include requested assisted on-campus registration.

You must first accept the offer sent to you by the university via or by calling the Contact Centre on 021 959 3900/01 within 3 days to secure your place at UWC.

Once you have accepted your offer you will need to register with the university in order to begin the academic year at UWC.

UWC is offering two options for students to officially register which is the self-registration (online registration) or the assisted registration in which students can consult with their Faculty to request a specific day for them to receive help with registering.

The university is however encouraging students to register online as it is quick and easy and steps are provided on how to register online.

To register online, students will be required to do the following:

  • Go to the Student Portal
  • Login by entering your Student Number and ID/Passport number.
  • Then they should follow the registration steps which are provided on the main menu.

If you are unsure about the programmes you should be registering for then you can contact the Curriculum Advisors or Counsellors and they will be there to assist you.

Click here to access the Curriculum Advising hub or speak to an Advisor. 

All classes will commence online on 8 March 2021.

The university emphasizes that no late registration will be allowed unless you have received permission from your Faculty directly.

All self-funded students need to pay a registration fee of R1445 with first-time students paying R4290 which includes the upfront payment and the registration fee together.

For NSFAS and bursary students, Financial Aid will need funding information for clearance. Students will then receive a SMS which confirms their clearance and they can thereafter register.

View the UWC website for more information on this.


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