Join Genesis Medical Scheme Online Application :

Join Genesis Medical Scheme Online Application :

Name of the Organization : Genesis Medical Scheme

Type of Facility : Genesis Medical Scheme Online Application

Head Office : Observatory


Join Genesis Medical Scheme

** Medical aid online application in 3 easy steps

** We’ve made it easy for you to apply for membership.

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Please select the option that will work best for you :

** I’m ready to apply online

** I’d like to download & print an application form / aansoekvorm

** I’ve got some questions – please contact me

** SMS gmed join to 31022 and we will contact you

Medical Aid Benefits

** No matter which hospital plan or full cover medical aid benefit option you select, you will enjoy comprehensive cover together with the following unique and incredible benefits

Hospitalisation and related accounts :

** Hospital and related accounts (e.g. theatre costs, x-rays, pathology, physiotherapy, blood transfusion, medicines, etc.) will be covered at 100% of Medical Aid Rates for a general ward or intensive and high care wards of a private or provincial hospital, day clinic or the recovery room charges of an unattached operating theatre.*

** Whilst in hospital, the Scheme will reimburse general practitioners and specialists at cost up to 100% of Medical Aid Rate on the Private Choice option.

** On the Private, Private Plus and Private Comprehensive options, general practitioners and specialists will be reimbursed at cost up to 200% of Medical Aid Rate.

Basic dentistry benefits :

** All Genesis members enjoy cover for basic dentistry up to R25 000 per beneficiary per annum.

This unique benefit includes the following services when obtained from a registered Dental Practitioner :

** Three (3) dental consultations

** Six (6) fillings

** Unlimited extractions

** Six (6) plain x-rays for conservative dentistry

** Two (2) root canal treatments

** Crowns, dentures or bridges limited to the lower of cost or Medical Aid Rate, further limited to R3 000

** Surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth

Flexibility and Freedom of Choice :

** All Genesis members have the luxury to choose their preferred hospital, doctor or medical specialist*, along with a choice of funding model.

** Members are neither forced to seek treatment in network hospitals, nor are they forced to make use of network medical practitioners.

Emergency medical evacuation :

** Genesis members have access to the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre for the management of any medical emergency, such as emergency pre-hospital treatment, evacuation and transport (including inter-hospital transfers) within the Republic of South Africa, when using ER24, as well as a 24/7 medical helpline service for medical related enquiries.

Contact Address

The Terraces

4th floor

Black River Park

Fir Street



About Us :

As one of the leading medical aid schemes in South Africa, Genesis Medical Scheme has a proud heritage of providing our members with exceptional healthcare funding benefits at affordable rates.Rated as one of the top 5 most successful medical schemes in the country – as measured by our claims ratio, our ability to pay claims, the access we offer to medical facilities and the benefits provided vs contributions levied (*) – all Genesis members are in good hands.


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