Advertisements Russian Bear #IAMNEXT 2022 Competition : Edward Snell & Company Russian Bear #IAMNEXT 2022 Competition : Edward Snell & Company

Organization : Edward Snell & Company Ltd


Competition Name : Russian Bear #IAMNEXT 2022 Competition :

Applicable For : Open To All South African Residents

Competition Deadline : 31 August 2022


Russian Bear #IAMNEXT 2022 Competition :

1. The promoter is Edward Snell & Company Ltd (“the Promoter”).

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2. The promotional competition is open to all South African residents residing in South Africa who are in possession of a valid identity document, except any director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of The Promoter, the marketing service providers or any person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by these entities, including their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.

3. The terms and conditions are applicable to the Russian Bear competition titled, ‘#IAMNEXT 2022’.

4. No Participant under the legal drinking age in South Africa of 18 years old, may enter the Russian Bear #IAMNEXT 2022 competition and a valid identity document must be produced at any time as requested by the Promoter, to validate an entrant’s legal age.

Important Notice :

5. These competition rules contain certain terms and conditions which appear in a similar text style to this clause and which:

5.1. may limit the risk or liability of the entrant; and/or

5.2. may create risk or liability for the entrant; and/or

5.3. may compel the entrant to indemnify The Promoter or a third party; and/or

5.3. serves as an acknowledgement of a fact by the entrant,

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6. The Participant’s attention is drawn to these terms and conditions because they are important and should be carefully noted,

7. The Participant cannot be a juristic person and must be an individual,

8. Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to, or must be understood to, unlawfully restrict, limit or avoid any rights or obligations, as the case may be, created for either the entrant or the promoter in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 OF 2008.

9. The Participant acknowledges that by submitting his or her entry to the #IAMNEXT 2022 competition he/she has been given an appropriate opportunity to first read these terms and conditions before entering and that he/she understands and agrees to the terms and conditions.

The Competition :

11. This promotional competition runs from 22 May 2022 until 31 August 2022.The promotion is national, and specific opening dates for bookings in the various regions will be published on the home page of the Russian Bear website. Any entries received after the regional closing dates will not be considered, and the promoter reserves the right to change dates.

12. Participants may apply for as many session as they like, but may only be booked for one session in the Russian Bear mobile recording studio to record their track.

13. To enter the competition, Participants need to follow the following

process :

(i) Buy any 750 ml or 1 litre bottle of Russian Bear Vodka during the campaign period

(ii) go to and enter their barcode onto the website to apply to book a session,

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(iii) if approved for the recording session, participants need to confirm their attendance,

(iv) attend the recording session they have been allocated.

14. Participants who applies via the website and are accepted for a recording session will be notified within 24 hours via sms and email. Participants who are unsuccessful will be notified on the following Friday after they have applied for the session. Successful Participants will then have 72 hours within which to confirm their availability for the session via reply SMS, otherwise they will forfeit the allocated session.

** Upon Participants’ confirmation, Participants will receive another SMS containing a 3 digit reference number along with their time of recording which can be used on the day of recording as proof of entry. Successful Participants will also receive a confirmation email and SMS 48 hours before the event as a reminder.

** Bookings will be allocated on a first come first serve basis until all sessions are filled for the regional activation dates.

15. Each recording session will be 20 minutes in duration. The backing track provided will be 3 minutes, however each Participant’s track will be 45 seconds to 1 minute in duration. The recordings will take place at the activation venues, according to the pre-determined schedule. The first 3 hours will be reserved for online bookings – the remaining available recording slots will be open to the public to apply for on the day who are over the legal drinking age of 18 years and follow the necessary process as stipulated in section

16. All participants who have been approved and confirmed for a recording session, must arrive at the mobile recording studio at least 10 minutes before their recording session on the day. Participants understand and accept that if they arrive late for their session, but still within the time slot allocated to them, the time slot will not be extended beyond their original 20 minute allocation. For example, should a participant arrive 5 minutes late into their session, they will only have 15 minutes remaining of that session in the mobile recording studio.

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16. Participants applying on the day will be required to purchase a 750 ml or 1 litre bottle of Russian Bear vodka, present it at the entrance of the mobile studio unopened, and present a valid identification document. The slots that are open on the day are limited and will function on a first-come-first-serve basis.

17. All Participants who wish to enter the mobile recording studio must present a valid identification document and provide the unique code assigned to the entrant. A user will receive a confirmation email and SMS also containing a 3- digit reference number, which can be used on the day of recording as proof of entry. Unique codes are not transferrable to other participants. Failure to do so will result in the participant being denied access.


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