HPCSA Online Application For Registration : Health Professions Council of South Africa

HPCSA Online Application For Registration : Health Professions Council of South Africa

Organisation : Health Professions Council of South Africa


Type of Facility : HPCSA Online Application For Registration

Head Office : Pretoria


How To Apply For HPCSA Registration?

** Registration with HPCSA is a pre-requisite for professional practice (Section 17 of HPCSA act of 1974).

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** Every person desiring to be registered in terms of the HPCSA act shall apply to the registrar and shall submit the qualification which, in his or her submission, may entitle him or her to registration, together with such proof of identity and good character and of the authenticity and validity of the qualifications submitted as may be required by the professional board concerned.

** Select the professional board that you wish to register with from the list of icons displayed below.

Eligibility Criteria For HPCSA Registration

** Registrations Qualifying in any of the health care professions is an important personal responsibility and, as a practitioner, there are several legal obligations.

** Registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is a pre-requisite for professional practice, and it is also a legal requirement to keep all personal details up to date at all times.

** An annual fee is payable for this registration and failure to pay this fee could result in suspension from the register.

** If, for some reason a practitioner is suspended from the register, they can redeem themselves by applying for restoration and paying the restoration fee.

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** Voluntary erasure from the register is possible if the practitioner does not intend to practice his/her profession in South Africa for a given period of time.

** A request has to be submitted in writing before 31 March of the year voluntary erasure is requested.

There are nine main registration categories (not all categories apply to all professions), namely :

** Student

** Internship

** Student Intern

** Public Service – Community Service

** Supervised Practice

** Independent Practice

** Private Practice

** Specialised Practice

** Sub-Specialised Practice

Other categories for temporary or restricted registration include :

** Education

** Post Graduate

** Volunteer

** After completing the requirements of each of the registration categories, the onus is on the individual to formally apply for registration in the next category.

** Penalty fees are charged upon application for a new registration category if the individual has not been registered as student in the required category.

** The registration guidelines vary from one Professional Board to the other.

** There is a detailed reference guide for the registration requirements for each of the 12 Professional Boards, simply select the appropriate Professional Board.

Application Fees For HPCSA Registration

** As an autonomous body the HPCSA receives no grants or subsidies from government or any other source.

** It is totally funded by the fees it receives from registered persons representing the professions under its jurisdiction.

** Each Professional Board, however, administers its own budget in a transparent manner from the funds allocated by the HPCSA, based on fees paid by various professions to Council.

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** Such fees are not necessarily uniform but depend on the actual cost of running the Board; on the levy paid by the Professional Boards to Council towards a stabilisation fund from which Council can allocate money in contingency circumstances, and on the cost of the running of the HPCSA.

When are fees due?

** Annual fee payment – Annual fees are payable to the HPCSA by 1 April and are valid until 31 March of the following year.

** Please note that it is the responsibility of every registered practitioner to ensure that his/her annual fee is paid by 1 April of each year.

NB :

** Registered health practitioners who have not paid their annual fees by 1 April of a particular year, will be erased from the register within three months of the due date of 1 April.

Contact Address :

553 of Hamilton and

Madiba Streets,




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