How to get your free Wi-Fi : Nedbank

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How to get your free Wi-Fi : Nedbank

Organization : Nedbank Ltd


Facility : How to get your free Wi-Fi

Head Office : Sandown


Nedbank How to get your free Wi-Fi

How to activate your 1GB of FREE Wi-Fi :

1. Select the Nedbank App Suite™ on your device.

2. Log in with your 5-digit pin.

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3. Ensure Banking widget is activated.

4. Select Nedbank Free Wi-Fi to enrol for your FREE 1GB Wi-Fi.

5. The AlwaysOn interface screen will appear on your device.

6. Activate your FREE Wi-Fi by registering and creating your AlwaysOn profile. Download the AlwaysOn App.

7. A message will appear onscreen to confirm that your 1GB of FREE Wi-Fi access is active.


Dezign Students :

** We are giving all Nedbank Dezign Student accountholders between the ages of 18 and 26 years who make use of the Nedbank Banking App and have activated Banking on the Nedbank Banking App with 1 GB of free Wi-Fi data per month (‘the service’) every month until 30 April 2017.


** You can use the 1 GB of free Wi-Fi data at any AlwaysOn hotspot by entering your AlwaysOn username and password on your device.

** Any unused data will not carry over to the next month. You will not receive any notification when the 1 GB of free data will expire.

** We will not be liable for the unavailability of the service at any time and make no representations as to the speed of the service or compatibility of the service with any device.

** We have no control over the internet services that you make use of and do not provide any guarantee as to the content provided on any website.

** Any activity undertaken while making use of the service is entirely at your own risk. We reserve the right to stop offering the service immediately, for whatever reason.


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