How To Find Your UNISA Exam (Simple Steps)

Unisa Exams To Commence In September

Many UNISA Student often finds it difficult to find their exam on the university’s website. However, we have taken time out to briefly make the process less complex by providing the direct link to the myUNISA Find my exam portal.


In order to find your UNISA exam, you must first visit the myUnisa website and click on the link you find there.

The alternative option would be to go directly to

Next, you will find a page that lists all the exams being written on that day. From there, you can navigate to your module and click on it.

After this, you will be required to log in to your platform with your password and student number. Once it opens, you can find the module that you are writing.

If you are writing a multiple-choice exam click on ‘online assessment’ and if you are writing a take-home exam click on ‘e-assessment’.

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