Beware: New NSFAS Allowances Scam Robs Students of Allowances


Reports have it that there are New Scam that Robs Students of NSFAS Allowances. Read down to learn more on how to protect yourself. NSFAS has now warned students against the latest scam which could potentially see them being robbed of their NSFAS allowances.


Many students have fallen victim to these kinds of scams before with many depending on those allowances to survive.

A new NSFAS scam is coming to light as NSFAS shared an image warning students to ignore these fake messages which circulate on social media. These scams result in students losing all their NSFAS allowances.

This new scam uses students’ myNSFAS accounts to rob them of their personal information leading to their NSFAS allowances disappearing. Students who are experiencing issues with their NSFAS wallet are being misled into sending their personal information to someone who they think will fix it.

The image NSFAS shared with an image showcasing the message many students have seen is:


The message circulating promotes the service promising “fast” and “reliable” service saying that they helped them recover their account successfully, which is false.

Another message is seen below of another supposed NSFAS student advertising another account which could help students with hacked, banned or locked accounts.

To this, NSFAS responded:

If you receive or see a message/post regarding your myNSFAS account similar to the ones on the image below, please note that it is a scam.

Students are urged to ignore these types of messages and to never share their personal details or NSFAS Wallet account details with anyone.

Messages like these and other NSFAS scams can be reported to the Vuvuzela Hotline on 0860 247 653.

If you would like to unblock or unlock your myNSFAS Wallet account, you must send a request through the following platforms:

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