GEPF Unclaimed Pension : Government Employees Fund

GEPF Unclaimed Pension : Government Employees Fund

Organization Name : GEPF


Facility Name : Unclaimed Pension

Applicable For : Government Employees in South Africa


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GEPF Unclaimed Pension

Do you know of any public servants who did not claim for his or her GEPF pension?

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What Are Unclaimed Benefits?

Unclaimed benefits are benefits where the reason for the member’s leaving the Fund and his or her last day of service are both known, but the benefit is not paid to the member or beneficiary within 24 months of the last day of service in line with the rules of the Fund.

Why Do Benefits Become Unclaimed?

The main reasons for benefits becoming listed as unclaimed are

** The member’s exit documents – Z102 forms submitted when a member leaves the Fund, were not submitted or contain errors that have not been rectified;

** The GEPF is unable to get a tax directive from SARS as the member or beneficiaries’ tax affairs are not in order such as, for example when they are not registered for tax or they have not submitted tax returns, etc.

** The benefits are paid but are returned to the GEPF due to incorrect banking details, frozen or dormant accounts, incorrect pay points and


** The GEPF does not have enough information in respect of the deceased members’ spouse(s) or beneficiaries to enable them to claim their benefits or for the fund to pay the benefits to them.

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Who Can Claim?

The following people are able to claim unclaimed benefits

** Retired GEPF members and members who are no longer in service;

** Beneficiaries of GEPF members no longer in service or who are deceased; and


** The guardians of GEPF members’ beneficiaries.

How to Access?

1. If the applicant is a member or spouse, the following documents are needed to claim unclaimed benefits

i. A completed Banking Details form (Z894);

ii. A certified copy of the applicant’s ID (not older than six months);


2. An updated personal details Z864 form;

3. If the applicant is a beneficiary, the following documents are needed to claim unclaimed benefits

** The member’s death certificate;

** A certified copy of the beneficiary’s ID (not be older than six months);

** A completed Banking Details Z894 form;

** Guardian letter in the case of minor beneficiaries; and

** A certified copy of the guardian’s ID (not older than six months).


About Us :

The Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) is a defined benefit fund that manages pensions and related benefits on behalf of government employees in South Africa.

Established in 1996, it is the largest pension fund in South Africa and one of the largest pension funds in Africa and the world.


If you have any further questions, please contact us. The GEPF’s contact details are as follows

Toll Free Call Centre : 0800 117 669

Fax Number : 012 326 2507

Email address : enquiries [AT]


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