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Name of the Organization : Genesis Medical Scheme


Type of Facility : Apply Electronic Membership Cards

Head Office : Observatory


Genesis Medical Scheme Electronic Membership Cards

** Download your electronic membership cards for you and your dependants today!

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Your electronic membership card displays the following information relevant to your Genesis Medical Scheme membership :

** Main member name & surname

** Join date

** Member number

** Benefit date

** ID number

** List of dependants (including dependant number, name & surname, date of birth and benefit date)

** Hospital admissions contact number

** The electronic membership card is one of many handy features that is included in the Genesis smartphone app for members.

** It is accepted by the four major private hospital groups (MEDICLINIC, NETCARE, NATIONAL HOSPITAL NETWORK and LIFE Health Care) in South Africa, as well as the majority of pharmacies and other service providers.

** The card can be emailed from your smartphone to a service provider for their record keeping or admission purposes.

** Alternatively, a photocopy of the electronic membership card can also be made by placing your smartphone directly on a photocopy machine (do not close the lid).

** It will always show the current status of your membership, e.g. “ACTIVE”.

** The “active” status of your membership will always be a future date, e.g. if your contribution is paid for January, your status will show as active ‘till the 6th of February.

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** As soon as the Scheme then receives your contribution for February and you refresh your smartphone app, the status will then show as active ‘till the 6th of March, etc.

Contact Address

The Terraces

4th floor

Black River Park

Fir Street



Postal Address :

PO Box 5467

Cape Town



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