Advertisements Sticky NW eMigration Promotion : FirstRand Bank Sticky NW eMigration Promotion : FirstRand Bank

Organization : FirstRand Bank Limited


Competition Name : Sticky NW eMigration

Applicable For : Customers

Competition Deadline : 31 December 2022 at 08:00pm.

Prize : R1 250 eBucks


Guideline :

Sticky NW eMigration Promotion :

Duration and availability :

** The promotion will run for 54 days.

** The extension or cancellation of the campaign is at the discretion of FNB Savings & Cash Investments.

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Eligibility : Who qualifies to take part?

** The competition is restricted to an extracted set of customers, determined through Data Analysis by FNB Savings & Cash Investments.

** All retail and sole-proprietor customers are eligible, provided they meet extraction criteria, and are included in the extracted data set.

** Eligibility does not necessarily guarantee inclusion in the campaign, and we retain the right to adjust the eligibility rules set with no notice.

How to take part?

** The campaign is based on encouraging a certain type of customer behaviour from two different sets of customer types: those who have loaded multiple notices to withdraw in branch, and those who have placed 1 or 2. Customers will receive a text message indicating the desired behaviour as displayed in the messages below. Customers who comply with the winning criteria as indicated in the message will qualify to receive the stipulated reward.

Multi Batch :


** Use the FNB App or Cellphone Banking for all free withdraws from your Notice or Flexi Product until 31/12/2022 and receive eB1250! T&Cs available online

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Single Batch :


** Try the FNB App or Cellphone Banking for your next free withdraw from your Notice or Flexi Product until 31/12/16 and get eB1250! T&Cs available online

What are the winning criteria?

** Customers who perform either their next notice to withdraw (Single Batch Group) (before end of the year), or all notice to withdraws (Multi Batch Group) before the end of the year, on a digital channel qualify for the reward.

** A Notice to Withdraw instruction is loaded when the customer selects a free withdraw on App or Cellphone banking, providing the notice period commensurate with their savings product (e.g. 7 days notice for a 7 Day Notice product).

** No eBucks will be paid in the event that a customer performs a transaction/instruction for which they are charged a fee.

** The customer is liable for any and all fees incurred when placing instructions on App or Cellphone Banking.

** Instructions loaded on Online Banking and ATM will be considered to be valid criteria.

** Delays in the initiation of the campaign will be taken into account when reviewing eligibility and success criteria.

What are the rewards/ prizes applicable to individuals?

** The prize is 1 250 eBucks, deposited into the customer’s eBucks account in the month following the successful completion of required activity/ies


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