e-Joburg Smart Revenue Management Portal : City of Johannesburg

e-Joburg Smart Revenue Management Portal : City of Johannesburg

Organisation : City of Johannesburg (CoJ)


Facility Name : e-Joburg Smart Revenue Management Portal

Applicable For : Stakeholders

Country : South Africa


What is e-Joburg?

e-Joburg is City Smart. Our new platform on which we will deliver smart services to all our stakeholders. We envisage that, over time and where feasible, we will make all interactions available via electronic means.

e-Joburg Benefits

Convenience (24 x 7 x 365), receive and pay accounts electronically, lodge queries and so much more. We are here to build a better experience for you.

How To Register At e-Joburg Smart Revenue Management Portal?

To Register at e-Joburg Smart Revenue Management Portal, Follow the below steps

To complete the registration process you will need the following:

** Go to the link


** Your SA ID number or valid Passport number.

** Your personal details and a valid email address.

** Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Payment Benefits

Our secure and proven payment mechanism saves money, removes the middlemen, ensures accounts are correctly reconciled and eradicates the risk of delayed or lost payments. Its better for you and for us. Switch to e-Joburg payments and we all benefit.

Why Pay on e-Joburg?

** It’s convenient.

** It reduces our costs.

** Payment is made directly to the City.

** You receive immediate payment confirmation from your City.

** It helps us reconcile your account.

** History and proof of payment is retained.


** It is safe and secure.

FAQs on e-Joburg Smart Revenue Management Portal

Frequently Asked Questions on e-Joburg Smart Revenue Management Portal

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What does it cost to use e-Joburg?

Registration on e-Joburg and usage of the site is free..


Do I have access to my previous municipal bills?

The e-Joburg site will have a record of all statements from the time that you register for the service. The site retains a minimum of 2 year’s history of your statements and payments made via e-Joburg.

How secure is the e-Joburg site?

** The e-Joburg team has made every effort to ensure that your personal and business information is protected by using the highest forms of browser security available today.


** The site is secured with SSL certificates. Every time a user connects to the e-Joburg website, an encrypted and completely secure connection is made between your browser and e-Joburg, ensuring that your experience is safe and secure.

** The e-Joburg web site address is e-Joburg. When accessing the e-Joburg site, also look for the “s” in https:// at the beginning of the web address e-Joburg, and (on most browsers) the golden lock symbol padlock will appear in the address bar.

Can I register my company on e-Joburg?

You are able to register your company information under the “Manage Profile” section of the e-Joburg site.

I am an agent and would like to register and pay on behalf of my clients.

Agents are able to register and load accounts on behalf of their customers. Or your customer may also register on e-Joburg and then invite you to have access to their municipal account, via the e-Joburg site. For more information, see the ‘Delegate Account’ and “add account” section of the site.

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Will my client’s information be accessible to anyone else?

For support purposes, the e-Joburg Call Centre agents will have access to your client’s information – to assist in the event of a support query/call. Please ensure that your clients are aware of this fact and refer to the Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Can I allow someone else to pay a bill on my behalf?

Yes. e-Joburg allows you to invite other users to either view a municipal bill, or view and pay the bill. Further information is available under the ‘Delegate Account’ section of the site.


I’m a tenant, can I still use the site?

As a tenant, you can register on e-Joburg and ask your landlord to give you access to their municipal account. They will then decide whether you can only view the account, or view and pay the account on their behalf.

Can I purchase pre-paid electricity through the site?

The site currently does not cater for pre-paid electricity, but watch this space…

Can I submit meter readings on the site?

We are planning to add this feature onto e-Joburg in the near future.

How do I pay a bill on e-Joburg?

Once you have added your municipal bill to your profile, log into the e-Joburg site. Select the ‘Account Manager’ option under ‘Accounts’ in the main menu. A list of your associated municipal accounts will be displayed. Select the account you wish to pay and click on the Pay selected Accounts option. Input the amount you wish to pay, select your preferred payment type and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

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Call : 0860995150

Email : Support AT

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