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Table of Contents Registration of Shelters and Drop-in Centres : Department of Social Development

Name of the Organization : Department of Social Development


Type of Facility : Registration of Shelters and Drop-in Centres

Head Office : Pretoria


DSD Registration of Shelters and Drop-in Centres

Who Qualifies :

Organizations that want to set up :

** Any building or premises used for the reception, protection and temporarycare of more than six children – between the ages of 8 months and 18 years -in especially difficult circumstances

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** A non-residential place of care for children on the street to meet their basicphysical, emotional and social needs.

Steps To Follow

** Be a registered Not for Profit Organisation (NPO) registration

** Complete an application form

Note : You will be asked to

** Develop a daily programme for those who are attending school and for those who are not at school

** Develop a weekly menu

** Obtain a Health Certificate from the Environmental Officer, on a structural and health requirements

** Define a set of House Rules

** Have Building Plans/Hand drawn sketch of the building

** Provide a copy of a constitution, signed and dated (for funding purposes)

** Have contact with the owner of the building (lease- for funding purposes)

** Provide financial report for past year (for funding only)

** Provide Service/Business Plans (for funding purposes)

About Us

Our task is to develop and monitor the implementation of social policy that both creates an enabling environment for and leads to the reduction in poverty. We ensure the provision of social protection and social welfare services to all people who live in our land. We conduct research that develops the social indicators necessary for programme implementation and public accountability.


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