Advertisements #CaltexEaster Caltexs Easter Competition : Chevron South Africa #CaltexEaster Caltexs Easter Competition : Chevron South Africa

Organization : Chevron South Africa (Pty) Ltd


Competition Name : Caltex’s #CaltexEaster Competition

Applicable For : Open to permanent residents and citizens of South Africa

Competition Deadline : 07 May 2022

Prize : R42, 000.00



Caltex’s Easter #CaltexEaster Competition

** This Promotion is organised by Chevron South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Media 24 (“the Promoters”) and these terms and conditions apply to the ‘Caltex and You, Huisgenoot & Drum Easter Travel Hub’ Competition #CaltexEaster.

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Terms & Condition

1. The Promotion is open to permanent residents and citizens of South Africa except any employee, director, member, partner, agent or consultant or any person directly or indirectly who controls or is controlled by the Promoters, including but not limited to Media 24, Chevron SA (Pty) Ltd (Chevron), Caltex Service Stations, Young & Rubicam SA, Avatar Agency (Pty) Ltd, MEC Global, an independent auditor, Standard Bank South Africa, Grapevine Interactive (Pty) Ltd, Sapphire Logistics (Pty) Ltd, Known associates Pty) Ltd, Retail Insights and /or immediate family members of any employee, director, member, partner, agent or consultant of or person indirectly or directly in control by the Promoters, their advertising agencies, partners, advisers, dealers, suppliers and/or associated companies.

2. Information on how to enter and Prizes form part of these Terms and Conditions. Entry into this Promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. This Promotion will be supported on the Huisgenoot, You & Drum Easter Travel Hub at  url TBC

3. The Promoters may amend these terms and conditions at any time during the Competition, by posting such amendments on the promotion Terms and Conditions at and and

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4. The Promotion is valid between 09h00 on 10th April 2022 and 07 May 2022 at 17h00.

5. Entrants will stand a chance to win R1 500.00 per day with the total prize money for the promotion amounting to R42, 000.00

To enter the Promotion

6.1 Fill up at Caltex for a minimum amount of R200.00 per transaction.

6.2 Complete the online entry form here

6.2. Each day, one winner will be randomly selected by Media 24 and notified by promoter via email and telephone.

6.3 The R1500.00 prize money will be paid via Direct Transfer and proof of payment will be emailed to the winner’s email address provided on the Competition Entry form, and that which has been confirmed by the winner, within 48hrs of selection.


6.4 Competition entrants must keep all proof of fuel purchases as the winning entrant will not be eligible to receive prize money without providing valid proof of purchase.

7. Winners are to complete and submit a winners release form. Should any winner refuse or be unable to comply with this rule for any reason, such winner will be deemed to have rejected the Prize and it shall revert back to the Promoters.

8. Entrants may enter as often as they like during the promotional period, however entrants will only be eligible to win once over the duration of the Promotion. For example, John Smith may enter multiple times during the promotion, however he may only win once; all further entries will be considered ineligable to win should John’s name be selected by the random generator which Media 24 use to randomly select the daily winners.

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