WP Blood #YouthTube 2022 Youth Tube Film Competition : wpblood.org.za

WP Blood #YouthTube2022 Youth Tube Film Competition : wpblood.org.za

Organization : WP Blood Transfusion Service

Competition Name : WP Blood #YouthTube2022 Youth Tube 2022 Film Competition

Applicable For : Open to permanent residents and citizens of South Africa

Competition Deadline : 18 September 2022

Website http://www.wpblood.org.za/?q=blog/youthtube2022-film-competition-its-second-year

WP Blood YouthTube Competition :

Who Can Enter?

All youth between the ages of 15 and 25 years old.

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What Do You Need To Do?

** Create a short film (between 30 seconds and 3 minutes), either on your own or with a group of your friends. The film doesn’t have to be shot using high-tech equipment, but should be of good quality so that we can play it online. You can create an animation or have your best friend star in your film, it’s up to you.

** Your film can be in another language aside from English, but please include subtitles if you choose this option. Complete the entry from online and submit your film via WeTransfer and send the notification to youthtubecompetition AT wpbts.co.za.

Which Video Entry Category Is Right for Me?

We have two different categories you can choose from. Each category will have its own finalists and winners.

Category 1: Age 15 – 19 years old

Category 2: Age 20 – 25 years old

Please make sure that you enter accordingly.

What Does The Film Need to Communicate?

The main thing is that your film encourages the youth to donate blood and help to save lives!

What to Include and Exclude ?

Include: Our website address (.wpblood.org.za) and/ or SMS the word ‘blood’ to 33507

Our payoff line: ‘Do Something Remarkable. Donate Blood.’

** Our brand name and logo

Exclude: Foul language: no swearing please

Violence: we’d prefer the films to be uplifting, not terrifying

** Nothing too graphically upsetting or sad

** No reference to Vampires or any blood sucking animal

Need Some Inspiration?

Read more about the need for blood donation and let it inspire your creative angle.

** A blood transfusion takes place every 35 seconds in South Africa.

** We need over 700 units each day in the Western Cape alone.

** Research statistics show that although 75% of the population in the Western Cape might require blood and blood products in their lifetime, a mere 1.5% are blood donors.

** Each blood donation can save up to 3 lives!

** It only takes 30 minutes to donate blood.

** Each donation is only 475ml, less than a fizzy drink. The average person has between four and five liters of blood in their body.

** It is our youth, as leaders of tomorrow, who hold the future of a sustainable, safe blood supply in their hands.

** We make sure that we always have at least a few days’ blood stocks available to prevent any dangerous shortages and to avoid death. We would therefore appeal to the public when we reach blood stocks of 2 days or less.

Donor Criteria :

1. You need to be between the ages of 16 – 65.

2. You need to be healthy on the day of donation.

3. You need to live a safe sexual lifestyle.

4. You need to weigh 50kg or more.

** It’s also important to remember to eat and drink at least 3-4 hours before donating blood. Drink lots of fluids after donation.

Entry Dates :

** Enter from 28 June – 18 September 2022.

** Winners will be selected by way of voting by the public and will be announced in November 2022.

** The maximum file size for any video file is 2GB

** Any music included in a video must be credited and rights must be obtained

** Entries must be received by 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET on 18 September 2022.

** Once the entry form is completed and the entry is uploaded, the entry is final and may not be modified, supplemented or edited.

** Submissions which include a video that fails to adhere to any of the requirements set forth in these Official Rules may be disqualified or edited by the Promoter.


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