Vodacom Summer Screen Insurance Policy

Vodacom Summer Screen Insurance Policy

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Facility : Vodacom Summer Screen Insurance Policy


Vodacom Summer Screen Insurance Policy

** Vodacom Screen Insurance is a monthly renewable policy that offers flexible premium payment options.

What is covered?

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** If the Screen of Your Insured Device is cracked or damaged, We will pay the repair cost up to a maximum of R2500 for the repair claim.

Maximum claim limits apply :

** Your R5 once-off premium covers your insured device for 30 days, a maximum of 1 claim will be paid over the 30 day period

** All repairs must be done at a repair centre approved by Us and will be done in accordance with the standard repair process.

** Please note that and repairs to your Screen may affect the device warranty therefore you are liable to verify this with the respective manufacturer.


** This Policy only covers the Screen of the Insured Device and cannot be transferred to another device.

What do You pay when You claim?

The excess :

** You will pay an excess of R150 upon every successful claim.

** If the repair or replacement cost is greater than R2500, You will have to pay the difference.

What is not covered?

1. We will not pay out if Your device is stolen or lost.

2. We will not pay out for any repairs to the Screen if there is any liquid damage to the insured device

3. We will not pay for any additional accessories including but not restricted to screen covers, carrying cases, or any other equipment used in conjunction with the Insured Device.

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4. We will not pay for any other repairs to the device except for the repairs to the Screen in all instances, whether the other repair is related to the cracked/damaged Screen or not. You will have to pay for the cost of such repairs.

5. We will not pay for a Screen repair if the repair to the Screen does not place the Insured device in working condition.

6. We will not cover You for any repairs covered under the device manufacturer warranty;

7. We will not pay for normal wear and tear, including scratchets

General Conditions

1. Cancellation and termination of the Policy


** You can cancel this policy at any time by phoning us on 082 1952.

** No premiums will be refunded to You

Your Policy will automatically terminate in the following instances :

** When you have reached the end of this 30 day cover period;


** After a successful claim;

** We have the right to cancel Your Policy subject to 30 (thirty) days’ notice, either in writing or telephonically.

2. Claims :

** All claims must be submitted to Us in writing within 30(thirty) days of Your screen getting cracked or shattered.

** Claim forms are available at any Vodacom shop or can be accessed on our website at You can also call Us on 082 1952.

All completed claim forms must be :

** Emailed to – info AT OR

** Faxed to – (011) 844 2913 or (011) 844 2917

** The Insured Device must be taken to a repair centre approved by Us in order to be assessed.

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** In the event that the claim is approved We will reimburse the authorised repair centre directly for the value of the repairs up to a maximum of R2500. No payment will be made directly to You.

** In certain circumstances, based on the value of the repair and/or the standard Vodacom repair process the fulfilment of the claim may result in the device being replaced instead of repaired. This replacement device will be a GAN device of the same or similar type and will be done at Our discretion. Should a GAN device be used as a replacement, the maximum indemnity is still limited to R2500 – any additional cost above this indemnity limit will be for Your account.

** If You are given a replacement device, the damaged device becomes Our property and must be handed to the authorised repair centre that provided Your replacement device.

** In the event of Your claim being the subject of a dispute or is rejected by Us You may make representation to Us. If You are still dissatisfied with the outcome of Your claim, You are entitled to contact the Short Term Insurance Ombudsman at 011 726 8900, fax 011 726 5501/011 674 0951 or email

** You have 90 (ninety) days from the date of receipt of the notice of rejection or dispute from Us to lodge such representation. In the event of a dispute being unresolved You must take legal action by way of summons against Us within 180 (one-hundred-and-eighty) days after expiry of the initial 90 (ninety) day period, failing which You will forfeit Your claim and no liability can arise in terms of such a claim.

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** Should You fail to collect a device which has been repaired or replaced within 60 (sixty) days from date of booking in the Insured Device for repair, You will forfeit the claim and the device will be sold or returned to stock to defray expenses.

3. Premiums :

** You need to pay the R5 once-off premium to be covered before any claim will be investigated.


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