View Municipal Account Balance Online : eThekwini Municipality

View Municipal Account Balance Online : eThekwini Municipality

Organization : eThekwini Municipality


Type of Facility : View Municipal Account Balance Online

Website :

How To View eThekwini Municipal Account Balance?

** Unrestricted access to the View eThekwini Municipal Account Balance function is no longer available to the general public for consumer privacy reasons. The function view will only be available for consumers registered with eServices.

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What is eThekwini Municipality e-Services?

e-Services is a self service facility that eThekwini Municipality offers to Individuals, Companies and Organisations.

It currently offers :

** Up to date account information

** Delivery of accounts by email

** Copy of previous accounts

** Further functionality will be added shortly

How To Use eThekwini Municipality e-Services System?

To Use eThekwini Municipality e-Services System, follow the below steps

** Register your Profile

** Link Accounts to your Profile

** All facilities are available for accounts that are linked to your Profile

** NB. It is important to respond to any activation email sent by the e-Services system.

Rules for linking accounts to a profile :

** Accounts will only be linked to your profile if the ID number/Company reference number you provided in

** your Profile is the same as the account holder number held in the Revenue Management system.

** If you have a problem linking your account please Contact our Customer Care Centre

** If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Line on 0313245000

eThekwini Municipality Contact

e-Services   :

Please use the following contact details to contact us.

Phone Customer Care Line on 031 324 5000

Fax Number 031 324 5111

Email Customer Care Line on revline AT

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday 07:30 to 16:30

Saturdays 07:30 to 11:30


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