Van Huyssteens Oratorical Festival 2022 :

Van Huyssteens Oratorical Festival 2022 :

Organization : Van Huyssteens

Competition Name : Van Huyssteens Oratorical Festival 2022

Applicable For : Afrikaans Schools & English Schools

Competition Deadline : 17 March 2022


Van Huyssteens Oratorical Festival :

Rules :

1. General :

1.1 Detail of the Van Huyssteens Oratorical Festival will always be available on the website. Click on the link and follow the buttons:

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1.2 The Oratorical Festival will only be for unprepared speeches.

1.3 Subject to participating on two separate days, learners are allowed to participate in two items of the Festival.

1.4 Trials should be held at the relevant schools.

1.5 Subject to paragraphs 1.6 and 1.8 schools may enter two teams and two individuals per grade and per category (including bilingual).

1.6 Note : Afrikaans Schools may only enter ONE team per grade in the English Category.

1.7 Note: English Schools may enter TWO teams per grade in the English Category, on condition that a further team also participate in the Bilingual Category.

1.8 All correspondence and information regarding the Festival will be via e-mail.

1.9 Everyone can join Facebook – Van Huyssteens Oratorical Festival. Gielie Hoffmann (the adjudicator coordinator) will keep you company and keep the page updated with tips, example topics, points to ponder, etc. Click on “LIKE” if you wish join and to participate.

1.10 All learners must study the rules available on the website.

1.11 Rules regarding the Festival are in the sole and absolute discretion of Van Huyssteens Commercial Attorneys.

1.12 Changes to the planned programme, rules etc. will only be made by Van Huyssteens.

1.13 Maximum participation of 20 (twenty) teams and 30 (thirty) individuals per grade and per language.

1.14 The first three teams and three best individuals per grade and per language (bilingual included) will be invited to participate in the final.

1.15 Announcement of the final participants will be made after participation, and will also be published on the firm’s website the following day.

1.16 All points previously awarded will fall away and learners will participate for a first place in the final.

1.17 The closing date for entries is 17 March 2022.

2. Dates & Venue :

2.1 The 2022 Oratorical Festival will be hosted at Woodhill College from 22 to 28 March 2022. The entire school is available to ensure that learners do not frustrate each other during preparation and presentations.

2.1.1 Wednesday 22 March 2022 – Afrikaans;

2.1.2 Thursday 23 March 2022 – English;

2.1.3 Friday 24 March 2022 – Bilingual;

2.1.4 Tuesday 28 March 2022 – The Final and Gala Evening.

2.1.5 The prize giving will take place after participation in the afternoon / evening during the gala event.

3. Time Schedules :

3.1 Entries open on Wednesday 11 January 2022.

3.2 The competition will commence daily at 16:00 for Teams and 16:30 for Individuals. The aim is to finish no later than 21:15 each evening.

3.3 It is of extreme importance to be at Woodhill College at least 30 min before topics are selected as the preparation time commences before the actual start of the program.

3.4 Preparation time for unprepared speeches :

3.4.1 1 Hour for teams; and

3.4.2 45 min for individuals.

3.5 Take note of the schedules on the website.

3.6 NB – Learners will receive topics as per the attached timetable / schedule.

3.7 Teams are not allowed to speak for less than 8 minutes and longer than 11 minutes. If time is exceeded they will be stopped.

3.8 Individuals are not allowed to speak for less than 3 minutes and longer than 5 minutes. If time is exceeded they will be stopped.

3.15 Timing Indications :

The adjudicator will hold up cards to show the time left :

3.15.1 Green card – Minimum time lapsed.

3.15.2 Yellow card – 1 Minute left.

3.15.3 Red card – time has lapsed stop immediately.

4. The topics are a combination of:

** Philosophical;

** Contemporary or recent news and interests;

** News of the day.

5. Certificates

5.1 After participation ensure that learners collect their certificates of participation at the Woodhill College Hall.

5.2 No certificates will be issued other than on the evening.

5.3 Certificates will indicate the name of the learner and grade. Symbols will not appear on the certificates.


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