University of the Western Cape Konica Minolta International Contest 2016/17 :

University of the Western Cape Konica Minolta International Contest 2016/17 :

Organization : University of the Western Cape


Competition Name : Konica Minolta International University Contest 2016/17

Applicable For : Open only SA Citizen only

Competition Deadline : 31 January 2017



International University Contest :

Giving Shape To Ideas :

** As a truly innovative and socially responsible company, Konica Minolta is committed to identifying and nurturing the talents of the future. Konica Minolta wants to combine innovation with imagination for a brighter tomorrow.

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** The Konica Minolta International University Contest (IUC) gives you a unique opportunity to engage in an innovative international cooperation project between the worlds of academia and business. Our proposal is that students analyse a document or information workflow at their university and propose an innovative alternative that delivers improvements for their institution. Prizes will be awarded to the best proposals on national and international level.

We suggest three possible areas for you to analyse :

1. Student life cycle: All administrative processes related to the academic life of students.

2. Academic services and learning: Here you can analyse the transmission and sharing of information and knowledge

between teaching staff and students.

3. Campus/city life and/or student services: Other

ctivities/services developed or offered by a university, e.g. accommodation, libraries, transport, cultural activities, sports, etc.

How to enter :

** Every team will prepare a document with their findings, recommendations and solutions.

The main criteria for a successful proposal are:

1. Depth of analysis

2. Proposal of an innovative solution

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3. Benefits of the proposal for your university

4. Feasibility of the proposal

5. Originality

How to submit your entry :

** Your entry should be submitted as a PDF file latest by 12 noon on 31 January 2017 (local time).

Prizes :

** Konica Minolta will invite the three teams selected to represent your university to the National Award Ceremony.

** The prize for the winning national team is a 3-day trip to Berlin* in April 2017 along with an invitation to the International Award Ceremony and a visit to the Business nnovation Centre in Berlin.

** During the International Award Ceremony in Berlin the winning international team will be announced and awarded its prize.

** The prize for the winning international team is a 3-day visit to the Pioneers Festival in Vienna* in May 2017.

** In the exciting environment of the Pioneers Festival the winning team will see some of the most innovative technological proposals from young European start-ups and enjoy the opportunity to contact the top entrepreneurs in this field.

** In addition, Konica Minolta will publish the names of the

** winners and their university on its web page.

Important Dates :

KONICA MINOLTA International University Contest 2016/17

15 December 2016 –  Closing date for team registration

31 January 2017 – Deadline for team entries

March 2017  – National Award Ceremony

April 2017 – International Award Ceremony, Berlin

May 2017 – Pioneers Festival, Vienna


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