Twinsaver & Jet/JetMart Back To School Promotion : Main Street 1310

Twinsaver & Jet/JetMart Back To School Promotion : Main Street 1310

Organization : Main Street 1310 (Pty) Ltd


Competition Name : The Twinsaver and Jet/JetMart Back To School Promotion

Applicable For : South African residents

Competition Deadline : 28th February 2022

Prize : R100,000

Website :

Twinsaver & Jet/JetMart Back To School Promotion :

Terms and Conditions :

** The Promotion is being promoted by Main Street 1310 (Pty) Ltd trading as Twinsaver Group (“Promoter”).

** By participating in the Promotion, participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this document (“T’s & C’s”).

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The Promotion comprises of :

** 3.1 an offer in respect to R25.00 Jet E vouchers, as more fully described below; and

** 3.2 a competition in respect to a prize of R100,000 towards school related expenses in 2022, as more fully described below.

To participate in the Promotion, a participant must to do the following :

** 4.1. purchase any promotional pack of Twinsaver 180’s facial tissues (“Promotional Product”);

** 4.2. dial the following code: *120*1566# and follow the prompts, which will require the participant to enter the last 4 digits of the Promotional Product’s barcode; and

** 4.3. retain the relevant till slip as proof of purchase of that Promotional Product.

** A participant is required to use his/her own cellular telephone, as well as his/her own airtime/data, to participate in the Promotion.

** A participant may not use another person’s cellular telephone to participate in the Promotion and if he/she does and is found out, he/she will be disqualified from participating in the Promotion. The cellular telephone number is key to the participation in the Promotion and will be the only number used to contact the participant in relation to the Promotion, including to contact him/her to notify him/her that he/she is a winner (if applicable).

** By following the procedure prescribed in paragraph 4.2 above, a participant will receive a R25.00 Jet E Voucher (“Instant Voucher”) and will also automatically be entered into the competition (“Competition”) to stand a chance of winning R100 000.00 towards school related expenses in 2022 (“Grand Prize”). A total of 1 (one) Grand Prize is available to be won in the Competition.

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Instant Vouchers are subject to the following terms of use :

** 7.1 Instant Vouchers must be presented at any Jet or JetMart store in the Republic of South Africa only when purchasing any item from either of these chains, excluding airtime, data, gift cards or to settle an account.

** 7.2 Instant Vouchers cannot be redeemed or traded for cash.

** 7.3 Only one Instant Voucher may be redeemed per transaction at Jet or JetMart and each Instant Voucher may only be redeemed once.

** 7.4 No change will be given if the entire value of an Instant Voucher is not redeemed.

** 7.5 Instant Vouchers are valid for use until 14th March 2022.

** 7.6 Instant Vouchers can only be redeemed using a valid Jet Thank U Card. (Jet Thank U Cards are loyalty cards that allow consumers to earn points as they shop at a Jet or JetMart store. Consumers do not need to open a credit account at a Jet or JetMart store in order to receive a Jet Thank U Card or to receive points on their Jet Thank U Card. Jet Thank U Cards are issued to consumers at Jet and JetMart stores at no charge).

** 7.7 Instant Vouchers may not be used together with any other promotion or special offer.

** 7.8 Instant Vouchers are valid against regular-priced merchandise only.

** 7.9 Instant Vouchers cannot be transferred to another party.

** 7.10 Instant Vouchers may not be used on returned items.

** 7.11 No photocopies of Instant Vouchers are permitted.

** 7.12 Jet/JetMart is only the supplier of the Instant Vouchers and is not the promoter of the Promotion.

** 7.13 Instant Vouchers are valid in all Jet/JetMart stores in the Republic of South Africa only.

** 7.14 If a participant has any trouble receiving or redeeming an Instant Voucher, he/she may contact the call centre on 071 470 4329 on any weekday between 9:00-17:00. Standard network rates apply. An sms may also be sent to this number for a call back request.

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** The winner of the Grand Prize will be selected on 07th March 2022 by means of a random draw.

** The Grand Prize may only be used towards the payment of school related expenses in 2022. The winner will need to provide the Agency with valid invoices to ensure that the expenses are school related.

** All payments of invoices presented by the winner will be at the sole and absolute discretion of the Agency. Once an invoice has been approved by the Agency, the amount of the invoice will be paid by the Agency into the winner’s bank account and the winner will be responsible for paying the invoice.

** The winner shall inform the Agency in writing in the event that his/her bank account details change. No payments will be made by the Agency unless the winner has provided the Agency with a certified copy of his/her identity document, a recent bank statement certified by the bank and satisfactory proof of residence.

School related expenses shall include items such as:

** school fees;

** aftercare fees;

** transportation to and from school (only in the case of a registered transport company transporting the child to and from school and ability to present an invoice for the services rendered);

** school excursions and trips;

** school activities on school premises which require additional payment;

** school uniforms;

** school sport uniforms (does not extend in additional sports attire or equipment);

** school books and stationery; and

** any other school related expenses as approved by the Agency in its sole and absolute discretion.

** No school sponsorships or donations may be paid using the Grand Prize money.

** The balance of the Grand Prize money not redeemed during the course of 2022 will not be paid out to the winner nor will it be permitted to be used for 2018 expenses, but will be forfeited.

** The winner will be required to show proof of purchase of the Promotional Product.

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The Promotion is only valid in the Republic of South Africa and is open to all persons who :

** are South African residents;

** are in possession of a valid South African identity document; and

** are 18 (eighteen) years and older.

** Participants who do not satisfy the above criteria will be considered to be automatically disqualified from the Promotion.

** Participation in the Promotion is not open to any person who is a director, member, partner, employee, agent of, or consultant to the Promoter or Agency, or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the Promoter or Agency, and such prohibition extends to any spouse, life partner, business partner or immediate family members of the persons listed above, including brand ambassadors.

** The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify or reject any entry in the Promotion which it considers to be in conflict with the T’s & C’s or on any other reasonable grounds that the Promoter may deem fit.

** The Promotion commences on 01st December 2016 (“Commencement Date”) and closes on 28th February 2022 (“Closing Date”). Any entries received after the Closing Date will be disqualified.

** Any technical errors or faults that may cause any entry in the Promotion being invalid or not being received by the Promoter shall not be the responsibility of the Promoter or Agency, and the Promoter and Agency accept no liability whatsoever in respect thereof.

** The Promoter’s decision regarding whether or not a participant is a winner of the Grand Prize shall be final and binding on all participants and no correspondence shall be entered into by the Promoter with any participant.

** Neither the Grand Prize nor an Instant Voucher is transferable to any other person and nor are they exchangeable for cash or any other item. Participants may not cede, assign, transfer or otherwise deal with any of their rights and/or obligations under or in connection with the Promotion and/or T’s & C’s.


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