Top Insurance Companies 2023 Internships in South Africa

Start a career in the insurance world without prior knowledge of insurance. South Africa has many great insurance companies with amazing internships for people like you.


By joining these insurance companies, you'll learn a lot from experts in areas like money, marketing, and risk management while receiving monthly stipend. You'll also improve your job chances, meet new people, and make your resume stand out.

This post shares a list of top insurance companies in South Africa and their websites. Here, you can find great opportunities to start your path to a great career. The things you learn during these internships will help you a lot in the future.

Keep reading to find the best internship for you and start your journey in the insurance field.

Top Insurance Companies in South Africa for Internships 2023

Old Mutual Insurance

Old Mutual is a leading provider of financial services in South Africa. Their internship program offers a chance to learn from experienced professionals in various fields such as finance, marketing, and risk management.

  • Location: All South Africa
  • Field: Insurance
  • Apply Here

Sanlam Insurance

Sanlam is a diversified financial services group with a strong presence in South Africa. They offer internships in different areas, including insurance, wealth management, and asset management.

  • Location: All South Africa
  • Field: Insurance
  • Apply Here

Hollard Insurance

Hollard Insurance is a popular insurance company in South Africa, providing a range of insurance products. Their internships help young professionals develop skills in sales, underwriting, and claims management.

  • Location: All South Africa
  • Field: Insurance
  • Apply Here

Liberty Insurance

Liberty is a well-known financial internship in various areas such as life insurance, investments, and risk management. Their program focuses on nurturing talent and providing hands-on experience.

  • Location: All South Africa
  • Field: Insurance
  • Apply Here

Momentum Metropolitan Insurance

Momentum Metropolitan is a financial services group offering a variety of insurance products. Their internship program allows participants to explore different aspects of the insurance industry, such as product development, actuarial science, and marketing.

  • Location: All South Africa
  • Field: Insurance
  • Apply Here

Outsurance Insurance

Outsurance is a direct insurance provider known for its innovative approach to the industry. They offer internships in various departments, giving young professionals an opportunity to learn about sales, claims, and customer service.

  • Location: All South Africa
  • Field: Insurance
  • Apply Here

Santam Insurance

Santam is the largest short-term insurer in South Africa. Their internship program provides a platform for young professionals to gain experience in areas like underwriting, claims handling, and risk management.

  • Location: All South Africa
  • Field: Insurance
  • Apply Here

Discovery Insurance

Discovery is a leading financial services provider in South Africa, offering health, life, and short-term insurance. Their internship program aims to develop skills in areas such as actuarial science, data analysis, and marketing.

  • Location: All South Africa
  • Field: Insurance
  • Apply Here

These top insurance companies in South Africa offer fantastic internship opportunities for young professionals looking to break into the industry.

Be sure to visit their websites and explore the various programs available to find the perfect fit for your career goals.

FAQ on Insurance Internships in South Africa

Q1: How do I apply for an internship at these insurance companies?

A1: Visit the respective company's website and navigate to their careers or internship section. You'll find information on the application process, including any required documents, deadlines, and an online application form.

Q2: Do I need prior experience in the insurance industry to apply for an internship?

A2: Not necessarily. Most insurance companies are looking for motivated individuals with a strong desire to learn. Some may require relevant coursework or a basic understanding of the industry, but many internships are designed to provide hands-on experience for those new to the field.

Q3: Are these internships paid or unpaid?

A3: The compensation varies between companies and internship positions. Some may offer a monthly stipend, while others might provide an hourly wage. Be sure to check the internship description on the company's website for more information on compensation.

Q4: Can international students apply for these internships?

A4: Many insurance companies in South Africa welcome applications from international students. However, eligibility requirements and visa processes may differ. It's essential to check the company's internship page for specific information on international applicants.

Q5: What is the duration of these internships?

A5: The duration of internships varies by company and position. Some may last a few months, while others could extend to a full year. Make sure to check the internship description for details on the expected commitment.

Q6: What skills can I expect to develop during an insurance internship?

A6: During your internship, you'll gain valuable industry-specific skills such as underwriting, risk management, actuarial analysis, and claims handling. You'll also develop transferable skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management.

Q7: Will completing an internship guarantee a job offer at the company?

A7: While an internship doesn't guarantee a job offer, it does provide an excellent opportunity to network with professionals in the industry, develop relevant skills, and gain experience that can make you a more attractive candidate. Many companies also consider their interns for full-time positions upon successful completion of the program.

Q8: Can I apply for internships at multiple companies?

A8: Yes, you can apply for internships at multiple companies. It's a good idea to explore various options to find the best fit for your career goals and interests. Just make sure to tailor your application materials for each company to demonstrate your enthusiasm and suitability for the specific internship.

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