StarPet SA Competition 2022 :

StarPet SA Competition 2022 :

Organization : StarPet


Competition Name : StarPet South Africa Competition 2022

Applicable For : Open To All South African Residents


StarPet SA Competition

The Search is on for SA’s StarPets Win big with StarPet – R22,500 worth of prizes in our StarPet South Africa Competition!

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The competition will run from the first day to the last day of the calendar month and the draw will take place no later than the 7th day of the month following the competition (for example if you enter your Star into the November competition, the winner will be announced by the 7th of December).

How To Enter?

1. You may only enter your Star once, but you can enter more than one Star.

2. For an entry to be valid, you must


** fill in the entry form completely and truthfully;

** submit your SA ID number

** submit a photograph of your Star; and

** submit the name of your Star along with a short description of your Star.

How it Works?

Have Fun and WIN Big while helping charities do great work!

1. Enter competition – Entry is free

2. Vote for your favourite entry – Give Votes over SMS or EFT

3. Make it through elimination rounds – Get enough votes to make it through


4. Win our Angel’s Choice competition – Be chosen by our charity of the month as one of our 3 Angel’s Choice winners (20 votes required to be eligible)

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5. Win our People’s Choice competition – The top 3 entries with the most votes win prizes in the competition. A total of R22,500 worth of prizes in the form of Absolute Pets online store vouchers are awarded to our winners each month.

50% of all profits generated by the competition are donated to a registered pet-affiliated charity. Should the competition fail to generate a profit in a specific month, a minimum amount of R2500 will be donated to the charity.

How To Vote?

Instant EFT Voting

You can give votes for any pet in our competition via Instant EFT. Just go to the pets profile and click on any of the Instant EFT vote amounts and follow the simple instructions. You will receive a confirmation sms as soon as the vote has been submitted on our system.


SMS Voting

** Your little star has a unique code consisting of the word “Pet”, a space, and three to five digits e.g. “Pet 123”

** To gain 1 vote for your pet at a cost of R2, sms this unique code (e.g. “Pet 123”) to 41875

** To gain 20 votes at a cost of R30, sms the same code to 42323

** For your vote to be valid it is important that your sms contains ONLY the unique code, with a space between the word “Pet” and the number. Do not enter any other copy.


** You will receive a confirmation SMS that your vote has been registered.

** Look out for communication from us to earn double, triple or even more bonus points when you vote at certain specified times.

See also Lesotho Special Permit (LSP) Registration : Department of Home Affairs


There are four categories of winners for competition entrants – People’s Choice, Angel’s Choice, StarPet Pic of the month and Weekly winners. Each of the four categories awards prizes valued as follows


1. People’s Choice 2. Angel’s Choice
1st Prize – R4500 Absolute Pets Voucher 1st Prize – R2000 Absolute Pets Voucher
2nd Prize – R3000 Absolute Pets Voucher 2nd Price – R1500 Absolute Pets Voucher
3rd Prize – R2000 Absolute Pets Voucher 2rd Price – R1000 Absolute Pets Voucher
3. StarPet Pic of the Month
R1500 Absolute Pets Voucher

Weekly Prizes : StarPet of the Week (R7,000 total)

The pet with the most votes per week (as measured at midnight on 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of the month) will each win a R1750 Absolute Pets Voucher. These votes are not cumulative but are measured for each 7 day period.

Monthly People’s Choice winners :

Monthly People’s Choice winners are based on the total number of public votes the entrant receives. These votes are submitted via sms and I-Pay Instant EFT(charged).


The charity recipient (for the following month) is chosen by the People’s Choice 1st prize winner.

Monthly Angel’s Choice Winners :

Monthly Angel’s Choice winners are selected by the previous month’s nominated charity. As from 1 May 2022, to be eligible for the Angel’s Choice competition, entrants must accumulate a minimum of 20 votes throughout the month.

** The competition is run monthly.

** Entries for the following month’s competition open and close on the 1st and last days of the current month.

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** Voting for the current month’s competition opens and closes on the 1st and last day of the current month.

** Winners will be announced by the 7th of the month following the competition close date.


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