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Organisation : Standard Bank


Type of Facilities : ChequeCard Online Application

Head Quarters : Cape Town


Standard Bank ChequeCard Application

** Thank you for choosing a Standard Bank ChequeCard.

** Remember that all applications are subject to our approval.

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** If you need any assistance with your application please call (011) 241 2099.


To apply for a ChequeCard you must :

** Be a South African citizen

** Have a good credit record with no outstanding judgements

** Have an existing current account with us

** If you do not have a current account and wish to apply for one, here.


How to apply

There are two ways to apply :

** online or printing the form and faxing it to us.

** The online application uses secure encryption technology so your personal information is secure.


Online – take a few minutes. Simply follow these steps :

** Agree to the terms and conditions


** Confirm certain product details

** Tell us who you are – You’ll need your identity document

** Tell us where you live – Include your postal code

** Provide your banking details

** Tell us whether you would like an additional card linked to your ChequeCard

** You will need to give us the identity number of the person who will use the card.


** If you do not require an additional card step 6 will not be displayed.

** Read our marketing consent clauses and acknowledge that you have given the correct information on your application

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Terms & Conditions

** Before you can submit your application you will need to agree to the terms and conditions below.

** You will also need to agree to product terms and conditions.

** To read a copy of the product terms and conditions here.


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