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Organization Name : South African Social Security Agency


Facility Name : Foster Child Grant Application

Applicable For : Foster Child

Location : Pretoria


SASSA Foster Child Grant

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Foster Child Grant Application.

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Qualifying Requirements

** You and your child must live in South Africa;

** The child must have been placed in your legal foster care and you must have a valid court order to confirm this;

** You must be a South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee, and

** The child must remain in your care.

The required documents for a foster care grant?

The following original documents or certified copies thereof, must accompany an application for a foster child grant.

** Your identity document and that of your spouse;

** The birth certificate of the foster child;

** Where you do not have an identity book, or the child does not have a birth certificate, an affidavit may be completed.

The affidavit will be provided to you by SASSA;

** Proof of spousal relationship status.

The following documents will be accepted as proof of spousal rela tionship

** A sworn statement or an affidavit

** Divorce Order

** Marriage certificate

** Spouse’s death certificate if deceased

** The court order placing the child in your foster care

The affidavits mentioned above will be provided to you by SASSA.

Where Do You Apply?

You apply at the SASSA Local Office nearest to where you live;

How Do You Apply?

** Firstly contact a social worker from the nearest Department of Social Development office for assistance with the application for a court order confirming foster parent status (you cannot apply for a foster child grant without a court order);

** The application form will be completed in the presence of an officer from SASSA (an officer from SASSA must assist you to complete an application form if you are unable to do so);

** When your application is completed you will be given a dated, stamped receipt bearing the name of the SASSA Official who assisted you;

** Keep this receipt – it is your only proof of application;

** You do not have to pay any money to apply;

** If your application rejected by the SASSA, you must be informed of the reason in writing;

** You have the right to request SASSA to reconsider its decision, if you are unhappy with the decision made. This request for SASSA to reconsider its decision must be informed by the outcome of your application.

If the reconsideration decision is still unfavorable, you have the right to appeal to the Minister of Social Development.

Method of Payment

You can receive your grant through one of the following methods

** Cash payment at designated pay points

** Bank including Post bank

Suspension of Grant

The following may result in the suspension of a foster child grant

** If the grant is not claimed for three consecutive months;

** You are absent from the Republic for a period exceeding 90 days;

** You cease to be a refugee;

** Failure to co-operate when a grant is reviewed;

** Committing a fraudulent activity or misrepresentation;

** If the grant was approved in error.

Lapsing of Foster Child Grant

The foster child grant lapses

** On the death of the foster child;

** On the death of the foster parent (s);

** If the child is longer in your custody as foster parent;

** At the end of the calendar year in which the foster child turns 18 years old; or

** When the child leaves school.


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