Advertisements APC Exam Details : South African Institute of Chartered Accounts APC Exam Details : South African Institute of Chartered Accounts

Organisation : SAICA – South African Institute of Chartered Accounts


Type of Facility : APC Exam Details

Exam : Assessment of Professional Competence Exam – APC

Exam Date : 16 November 2016

Head Office : Johannesburg

Exam results date : 24 February 2017


SAICA APC Exam Details

Exam times : 09:00 – 17:00

** The assessment is designed to be completed within 5 hours; however 8 hours will be given to complete the assessment.

** No formal break will be given; you may take short breaks when needed.


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Candidate Zones

** Candidate zones will be indicated at exam venues.

** Candidates will be required to remain in the candidate zone for duration of the assessment unless answer book is submitted early.

** Submission of answer books means candidate have completed the assessment and designated zones will no longer be accessible to candidate.

** No re-entry will be afforded once candidate leaves the designated zone up to exam completion time.

Pre-release material :

** Will be made available on 11 November 2016 at 08:00

** This will only be available in PDF format.

** Additional information and ‘required’ will only be made available (handed out) on the day of exam.

** Distributed via SAICA website, as well as email communication to candidates and professional provider sites.


** The onus shall be on the candidate to ensure that he or she accesses and receives the material timeously and no additional time allowances will be granted to candidates who, for any reason whatsoever, do not receive such pre-release material timeously.

See also  Clover S.A Consumer Services Number

** Please ensure that your contact details (email & phone number) are correct and up to date on your SAICA profile so that the pre-release material is sent to the correct place.

** APC Regulations

Online Registration Dates

Online reg dates Early Reg/17 Aug –  28 Sep 29 Sep – 24 Oct Final Reg Period/25Oct – 3Nov
Manual Writing Fees R4 845.00 R 7 267.50 R9 690.00
Ewriting Fees R3 990.00 R5 985.00 R7 980.00
Ewriting Withdrawal Penalty R1 470.00

Payment and invoices :

** Payment of all invoices must reach SAICA by 24 October 2016.

** In terms of SAICA’s examination policy, invoices are issued to each candidate.


** If the invoice should be made out to the candidate’s employer, the candidate must request it before 28 September 2016.

** Refunds may be subject to administrative charge (refer to Section 4 to 6 of the Exam refund policy)


After completion and submission of an on-line registration (application) :

** You will be sent a computer-generated confirmation within 24 hours via email.

** If not received within 24 hours, call the SAICA contact centre – non-receipt could mean that your registration was unsuccessful.


** Check your details – especially the venue you selected – on the confirmation letter for correctness

** Advise the exams department through the email immediately of any venue changes (subject to availability).

** This Does Not Mean You Are Eligible To Write The Exam, Saica Will First Check You Have Met All The Apc Eligibility Requirements And Confirm This At A Later Date.

See also ROSA Registration of SA Abroad : South Africa Department of International Relations

Examination confirmation letter via email :

** Confirms that SAICA has received your payment and verified your eligibility.

** This confirms your eligibility to write the exam.

** This letter contains your exam number.

** A printed copy must be taken with you on day of examination.


** Informs you that an examination confirmation letter has been e-mailed to you. Ensure that your correct cell number is loaded on your SAICA profile, online.


Exam Venues :

** SAICA reserves the right to change the examination venue address subsequent to it being published on the SAICA website or in the online application form.

** Venue changes will be accepted up to the 3 November 2016


Eligibility requirements are as follows :

** Candidates must have passed ITC, completed 20 months of a registered training contract and successfully completed an APC professional programme, offered for the first time in 2014.

20 months practical experience :

** Completed 20 months of a SAICA registered training contract, up to the day before exam date.

** The 20 months is made up of actual months completed under a SAICA registered training contract, plus any RPL granted less any remissions. If you are not sure whether you meet this requirement)

** Successful completion of the APC Professional Programme (valid for 3 years from date completed).


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