Postbank Apply for Aspire Youth Debit Card

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Postbank Apply for Aspire Youth Debit Card

Name of the Organization : Postbank


Type of Facility : How to Apply Aspire Youth Debit Card

Location : Bloemfontein


Postbank Apply for Aspire Youth Debit Card

** The Aspire Youth Debit Card is a transactional bank account aimed at 16 to 24 year olds and is geared at spreading banking to younger South Africans and assisting them in understanding the importance of sound financial and banking disciplines.

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** The youth can benefit from the fact that with the Aspire Youth Debit Card there is no minimum account opening amount required and no monthly service fee.

** In addition, customers will be able to perform the usual transactions including drawing a mini-statement, balance enquiries, cash withdrawals and buying prepaid airtime at a Post Office branch or Saswitch ATM.

** This ultimately means added convenience for the fast paced youth.

** The Aspire Youth Debit Card will help you reach your aspirations.

How do I apply?

Applying is simple; all you have to do is visit your nearest Post Office with your valid RSA ID and proof of residence documentation. These documents are required by law and the FICA Act.

What if I do not own property and therefore can’t provide the bank with proof of residential address

** In the event of you living with your parents, your parent/guardian can provide proof of residential address.

** If you are renting, the landlord can furnish you with a letter confirming the rental agreement and the address where you stay

What happens when I turn 25 years old?

** The Aspire Youth Debit Card is aimed for people between 16 and 24 years old. When you reach 25, nothing will happen to your track record.

** However you will need to visit a Post Office branch, where you will be able to open a new transactional Flexi debit card account that has similar benefits and features as the Aspire Youth Debit Card or you can open any other Postbank product of your choice.

How To Save On Bank Fees

** It’s easy to save on your bank fees and make your cash go a longer way.

Follow a few simple steps :

** Customers can perform one free balance enquiry 24hours a day from your mobile device – just sms BAL and the last 4 digits of your account number to 32302.

** R1-00 is charged by your mobile service provider.

** Remember to draw cash from selected retailers via Cashback.

** This is much more affordable withdrawing cash at a Saswitch ATM.

Use your debit card to purchase :

** instead of using cash, customers can also opt to use their debit cards more effectively by purchasing directly with their cards at point of sale (POS) in shops, as this is not only a safer option to consider but also costs less.

** Only use cash when necessary, use your card instead.

** Remember, you should rather withdraw larger sums of money fewer times a month (and not smaller sums of money more often).

** This is more cost effective.

Banking Tips

** With the world changing, it is vital that more South Africans become financially active and literate.

** One of the best ways of managing and learning to manage your finances is by holding an active transactional bank account.

** There are a number of benefits to being banked; your money is safe, it allows you to plan more effectively, budgeting is easier and you don’t have to carry too much cash with you.

** With a debit card, you can also make purchases at most shops both in and out of the South Africa.

** Open an Aspire Youth Debit Card today and take charge of your financial freedom.

Aspire Youth Debit Card Fees and Interest

Fees :

Account opening fee Free
Minimum opening deposit(The account will be closed automatically if no deposit was made within 35 days from account opening.) R 0.00
Minimum balance R 0.00
Cash deposit at branch R 2.12 up to R199.99, thereafter an additional R1.84 per R100.00 or part thereof above R199.99
Cheque deposits R 0.00
Dishonoured cheque R69.23
Special clearance of cheque deposits R77.11
Cash withdrawal at branch R12.61
Cheque withdrawals R38.02
Repayment from unclaimed funds R78.30
Monthly service/ledger fee R 0.00
Replacement card R49.65
Full statement (mailed on request) R10.80
Full statement (counter) R 8.75
Mini statement or balance enquiry at branch Free
Account dormancy fee R 18.58
Point of sale purchase R 2.12
Cashback R 2.20
Purchase and cashback R 2.70
Declined purchase – any customer related reason R 6.05
International debit card fee (POS) R10.80 + 2% of transaction value
International debit card fee (ATM) R16.20 + 2% of transaction value
International debit card declined fee R 6.05
Amount in Rand Interest Rate (%)
0 – 500 0.40%
500.01 – 1000 0.50%
1000.01 – 2000 0.95%
2000.01 – 5000 1.10%
5000.01 – plus 1.20%

Contact Address :

Private Bag X20609




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