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Organization : National Traffic Information System


Service Name : Medical Certificate Form

Applicable For : Citizen of South Africa


NATIS Medical Certificate Form

National Traffic Information System Medical Certificate Form

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(a) Write one capital letter per block. e.g. M O T O R S

(b) Mark with a cross (X) where applicable. e.g. traffic register no.

(c) Dates shall be written in year, month and day order. e.g. year : mth : day

(d) The eye test is excluded, but will be performed by the driving licence testing centre.


Download Medical Certificate Form :

Medical Condition

Medical practitioner’s judgement on whether the applicant’s condition in respect of the following disorders will affect the applicant’s ability to drive a motor vehicle without endangering public safety

a. Diabetes mellitus (requiring medication).

b. Thrombosis or any other coronary disease.

c. Respiratory dysfunction.

d. High blood pressure.

e. Epilepsy, muscular, vascular or neuro muscular disease.

f. Mental, nervous or functional disease or psychiatric disorder


g. Loss of hearing (need for hearing aid should be recorded)

h. Excessive use of intoxicating liquor, amphetamines, narcotics or any habit forming drug.

i. Alcoholism.

j. Impairment of the use of an arm, hand or fingers, leg or foot.

k. Loss of limbs (leg, foot, arm or hand, need for artificial limbs should be recorded).


l. Any other disease or disability.

Note :

If the answer to any of the above was “Yes”, give full details


1. Making a combination test booking


The application allows for a combination test booking. Applicants should note that a combination test could only be booked with the following options:

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1- Motor cycle and 2 – Mv not exceeding 3500kg or

1 – Motor cycle and 3 – Motor vehicle

As per the options listed in the dropdown list

2. I did not receive my confirmation of my appointment

In order to receive the confirmation, it is advised to enter an email address or cell phone number in the required fields.

For those that do not have an email address it is advised to print the confirmation by clicking on the ‘Download Booking Confirmation’ button at the bottom of the screen. The ‘My Booking’ will also allow an applicant to print the confirmation.

3. Can I change my test category?


Different test categories are not interchangeable and therefore cannot be changed to another test category. The applicant can either cancel the current test appointment or apply for a new appointment with the desired test category or retain the current appointment and make a new appointment for the test category desired.

4. Can I cancel a booking?

Yes. In order to cancel a booking, make use of the ‘’ Cancel Booking’’ tab on the home page and complete the fields as displayed. Please note that a booking can only be cancelled a minimum of 2 days before the appointment date. The fee, if already paid will be forfeited and another payment must be made for any booking made thereafter.

5. I did not receive my one time pin (OTP)?

Go back to you contact details and ensure you have entered your email address or mobile number correctly, take note that if you have entered an email address the OTP will be sent to the email address only.

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If it is correct please select resend OTP. If you still do not receive your OTP please contact our call centre via email – onlinesupport [AT] or contact us on 0861 400 800.

6. My one time pin (OTP) does not want to work?

Your one time pin (OTP) is only valid for 2 minutes. Please select resend OTP to receive a new OTP and retry.


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