Mechanical & Electrical Internships 2023 Online Application Form

Mechanical & Electrical Internships 2023 is open. Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified applicants for the 2023 Mechanical & Electrical Internship Programme.


This article covers the Mechanical & Electrical Internships 2023 Overview, Online application portal, application form, how to apply, qualifications, requirements, closing date, and more.

  • Internship Provider: Mechanical & Electrical (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Location: All South Africa
  • Application Mode: Online Application Form
  • Salary: Salary packages will be in accordance with remuneration policies.

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Mechanical & Electrical Internships 2023

An internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees, called interns, to work at a firm for a fixed period of time.

To qualify for the internship, you must possess all the required qualifications and meet all requirements before applying for the Mechanical & Electrical, Mechanical & Electrical Internship 2023.



  • Are you looking to join a dynamic and growing company in the energy sector?
  • Join and partner with Seriti in the foundation years of your career.
  • Seriti is seeking to assist you to fulfil your goal to achieve your GCC and enjoy a challenging and rewarding career.
  • If you have your Annexure E registration with the DMRE and are in progress with the certification, SERITI is able to partner with you to complete this, as the first big step in your career.
  • As an Annexure E candidate on your GCC path, no matter your progress, SERITI have a solid engineering and talent team that will partner with you to obtain your GCC in Mines.

The role:

The role is a developmental role, with the primary purpose being to learn through experiential learning about the Engineering function and to obtain the Government Certificate of Competency. The successful candidate will complete a structured development programme within 48 months to be able to fulfil a substantial position within Seriti.

  • Seriti offers meaningful roles during your development across the suite of our asset management, maintenance and reliability functions at our mines.
  • Portions of your development will be in roles with increasing scope and commensurate substantive appointment as you acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to fulfil the role of an Engineer, and in time, Engineering manager.
  • Present on key learnings to the Operational Management Team after each phase is completed and identify a project at the beginning of second year of developmental programme to present on at the completion of the programme
  • Attend all formal courses and seminars as prescribed in the development programme and actively participate in all opportunities for development
  • Act in the capacity of other roles in the discipline as and when required and deliver on role outcomes as expected in an acting capacity as well as to suggest and advise on improvements
  • Identify, propose and participate in improvement or value-add projects relevant to the engineering discipline by conducting research and benchmarking against other divisions and industries as well as networking with key internal and external stakeholders
  • Identify and engage with technical coach and mentor

You will need:

  • Degree or equivalent in Engineering (Electrical or Mechanical)
  • Candidates in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year Engineering Intern/Graduate Programme
  • Annexure E registration with the DMRE
  • Complete suite of relevant subjects, as specified in the Rules and Syllabi for the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering’s Government Certificate of Competency
  • Sound references from previous employers or learning institutions
  • Proven completion of a relevant project related to field of study
  • Understanding of the machinery and equipment used on the operations
  • Proven theoretical knowledge in field of study
  • Sense of maturity and eagerness to learn
  • Self-starter and motivated
  • Business Writing and Analytical Skills
  • Numerate skills and Computer skills (MS Office)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • In possession of a Certificate of Fitness or be able to obtain it


  • Prior temporary working experience in field of study
  • Basic knowledge of Seriti business principles and values
  • Understanding of relevant legislation pertaining to the Mining Industry including the Mine Health and Safety Act and ability to interpret relevant legislation correctly
  • Understanding of the Seriti core value chain and Operational codes of practices, procedures, standards and guidelines

How to Apply for Mechanical & Electrical Internship

Click the link below to apply and submit an online application form for this opportunity:

Click here to apply for Mechanical & Electrical Internship opportunity at Seriti Coal Mine

Click here to apply for Mechanical & Electrical Internship opportunity at Seriti Coal Mine

Closing Date

The Mechanical & Electrical (Mechanical & Electrical) Internship Closing Date is [DEADLINE: 15 December 2023]

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