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Name of the Organization : Western Cape Education Department Examination


Type of Facility : Online Senior Certificate Examination

Closing Date : 30 November 2016

Head Office : Cape Town

How To Apply For WCED Senior Certificate Exam?

Online Examination Application :

** Online application is the first WEB based application process for any examination administered by the Department of Education (WCED).

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Western Cape Online Exam Registration 2017

** Please read the information brochure on the WCED site referring to the Senior Certificate Examination before completing the online application.

Important Dates of WCED Senior Certificate Exam

** The registration for the WCED Senior Certificate June 2017 examination will commence on 1 October 2016.

** Any applications captured after the closing date will not be considered for registration.

** Applicants must apply before the closing date 30 November 2016.

** The examination is open to anyone who meets the minimum admission requirement as gazetted.


** Sign in and click on your name to view your online profile.

** Senior Certificate Examination June 2017

FAQ On WCED Senior Certificate Exam

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on WCED Senior Certificate Exam

Register for Access :

** Click on the [Register] link in the main menu bar in the top right corner of the application.

** You may also click on the [Create an account] link at the bottom of the home page under the User’s Tasks options.

** You could also click on the [create an account] link when trying to log in.

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** Once the registration page is displayed enter the appropriate information.

** Remember to tick the “Allow us to store your personal information” checkbox.

** Click the Create button to complete.


How long should my password be?

** Your password length should be a minimum of 6 characters.

** It is advised that you use a complex password.

** You may include upper and lower case characters, special symbols and numbers.

** This would improve the security of your account.

What is a verification code?


** A verification code is a randomly generated secured code.

** Users use this code for activation of their user account on EXAM ONLINE APPLICATION.

** This is to ensure that the email provided is in working condition and that the system is not being operated on by a robot.

How do I Sign in?

** To login to the application click on the Sign in button located in the top right corner of the application menu bar.

** Enter the requested details in the correct fields and click on the Sign in button.


** Should you try to apply for an exam and you haven’t logged in, an alert will be displayed telling you to log in.

** Click the Login button ,the login screen will be displayed

** If you have not yet registered click create an account and refer to “Register for Access”.

How do I contact the exam administrator?

** To contact an exam administrator click on the comment icon (Speech Bubbles icon) in the top right corner of the application main menu bar.

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** A contact form will be displayed.

** Enter your subject and message then click send.

** A message would then be sent to the exam administrator.

** Should you receive a response to your message you will receive a notification on the application as well as your email inbox.

** Notifications can be seen by clicking the Notification Icon (Envelope Icon) in the top right corner of the application menu bar.

Contact Online Examination Application :


For Western Cape Education Department Examination information and services :

Call Us: 021 4672000

Monday to Friday 07:30 – 16:00

cost of a local telephone call from anywhere in South Africa

Visit Us :

Grand Central Towers,

lower Parliament Street,

Cape Town

weekdays 07:30 – 16:00

E-mail Us: examregistrations AT


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