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Table of Contents Employment Equity Online Reporting for 2022

Organization : The South African Department of Labour


Head Quarters: Pretoria

Facility : Employment Equity Online Reporting for 2022

Deadline : 15 January 2022


Labour Employment Equity Online Reporting

Who must report in 2022 :

** All designated employers with 50 or more employees.

Related / Similar Facility : Employment Equity Online Reporting 2021

** Employers with fewer than 50 employees who are designated in terms of the turnover threshold applicable to designated employers (Schedule 4 of the Employment Equity Amendment Act No. 47 of 2013).

** Employers who have become newly designated on or after the first working day of April, but before the first working day of October, must only submit their first report on the first working day of October in the following year.

** Employers who voluntarily wish to comply in terms of section 14 of the EE Act.

** All designated employers must report annually irrespectivof their size.


** Capture your Report piecemeal online and return to complete but not later than 15 January 2022.

** Return later to change or edit your report.

** Complete and save Employment Equity (EE) reports.

** Print report for approval by CEO/Accounting Officer.

** After completing your EE Report, please remember to press the “Submit” button.

** Submit your EE report electronically to the Department of Labour by no later than 15 January 2022.

** Receive a pdf copy of the EE reports after submission.

** Receive an Acknowledgement letter.

** No changes are allowed after submission.

NB :

** Note that status “completed but not submitted” doesn’t mean that you have complied with Section 21 until the submit button is pressed.

How to login

** The reminder letter sent via email to CEO/Accounting Officer and EE Manager contains an activation link.

** Open and view Reminder letter from the email.

** Click the link on the Reminder Letter and press “activate” to create your password.

** Should you choose to click “cancel” your reminder letter will become void and you will be requested to go to Forgot Password.

Please note :

** The rule for acceptable passwords: Password must be alphanumeric and consist of a minimum of 8 characters (at least 1 special character, one uppercase character and 1 lowercase character).

** Remember and memorize the password you created for accessing the EE system!

** If no reminder letter has been received, click on “Forgot Password” above and follow the prompts.

** If the CEO/Accounting Officer or EE Manager email address has changed, the CEO/Accounting Officer must inform the Department of Labour in writing.

** If you are reporting for the first time, please click on “Register” and follow the prompts.

Useful Advice :

** Manual and posted EE Reports will not be accepted after 3rd October 2022.

** EE Reports will not be accepted by fax or email.

** Check for incomplete sections or sections with errors.

** In the case of Online submission, complete and finalise corrections in the EE Reports by no later than 15 January 2022.

** Do not forget to press the submit button when your report is complete.

** No Changes are allowed after submission.

** A copy of the EEA2, EEA4 and the acknowledgement letter will be emailed to you after successful submission.

** If you have not received the EE reports and acknowledgement letter in your Inbox, please check in the Junk mail/Spam folders (Move mail from the Junk mail/Spam folders to Inbox before opening the attachments).

Contact Address :

Laboria House

215 Francis Baard Street



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