Kulula Check Flight Status

Kulula Check Flight Status

Organisation : Kulula


Head Quarters : Bonaero

Type of Facilities : Check Flight Status


Kulula Check Flight Status

** Whether you’re flying, picking up, or dropping off, you can check the latest kulula departure and arrival times of your flight.

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** The flight status is refreshed every 5 minutes and only available for flights scheduled within the next 48 hours.

** If flight status result is delay, the most up to date departure time will appear below the ‘scheduled departure’ and ‘scheduled arrival’ heading.


** Choose Day – Today or Tomorrow

** Choose Airline

** Choose Depart

** Choose Arrive

** Choose Flight number (departure time)

** Click view flight status button to get your status.

Example :

Day : Today

Airline : Kulula

Depart : Cape Town

Arrive : King shaka

Flight Number : 701 (10.35)

Click status button

Status : on time

From Cape Town to King Shaka (Durban)

Flight : MN701

Terminal : CT

Gate : A11

Scheduled departure : 16 Sep 2016 10:35

Scheduled arrival : 16 Sep 2016 12:40

Checking in

Flying with more than one carrier?

** Please check in at the counter of the airline carrier you are flying with on that specific leg of the journey.

** E.g. if you are departing on a kulula flight, check-in at the kulula desk, but if you are returning on a British Airways (operated by Comair) flight, check in at the British Airways counters.


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