Joburg Market Customer Care Contacts Numbers :

Joburg Market Customer Care Contacts Numbers :

Name of the Company : Joburg Market (Pty) Ltd.


Head Office : Johannesburg

Industry : Government

Service : Market Services


Joburg Customer Care Contacts Numbers

Fruit Hub: + 27 11 992 8009

Vegetable Hub: + 27 11 992 8007/8179

Potato & Onion Hub: + 27 11 992 8156

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Market Main Building: + 27 11 992 8000

Electronic Bank Deposits(Buyers): + 27 11 992 8083

Statistics: + 27 11 992 8135 / 8026

Anti-Fraud Hotline: 0800 002 578

Contact Address

Postal Address :

PO Box 86007 City Deep



Physical Address :

No. 4 Fortune Road

City Deep



Tel: + 27 11 992 8000

Fax: + 27 11 613 7381

E-mail us at: info AT

Customer Care Services

Buying :

** Sales at the Joburg Market are fully computerised with two buying options the registered buyer and the guarantee buyer.

Registered Buyer :

** To purchase at the Market, you must first register to be a buyer.

** This can be done by approaching customer service on the sales floor.

** There you will be required to complete a form and hand in a copy of your Identity Document.

** You will then be issued with a smart buying card to deposit your chosen amount at any cashier available on the sales floor.

** You can clear the balance in your card at the end of each trading day, or the balance may be left on the card for purchasing at any other time.

** Further deposits may be made with a cashier on the sales floor.

Guarantee Buyer :

** To register as a guarantee buyer, you collect a bank guarantee form from the Finance Department on the fourth floor of the administration building located next to the main entrance of the Joburg Market.

** This form must be completed by your bank and returned with a copy of your Identity Document.

** Once the bank lodges the guarantee, depending on the nature of agreement with the Market, an agreed percentage of the guaranteed amount may be utilised on the sales floor.

** Payment for purchases must be made within seven days. The guaranteed percentage may not be exceeded and any amounts outstanding over seven days will be charged to the buyer on interest at current rates.


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