ISFAP Status 2023 – How To Check Your ISFAP Application Status

Have you applied for an ISFAP bursary and do you want to track your application? Keep reading to find out how to check your ISFAP application status.

After you have submitted your ISFAP bursary application, you might want to check your application status. Here’s how.

ISFAP refers to the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme who’s aim is to provide funding to poor and missing middle students. This means that students who have a household income between R0 and R600 000 per annum can get a bursary to further their studies.

How To Check Your ISFAP Application Status

Students would have had to create a profile on the applyonline site. This site then allows you to log in and check your application status as well as the steps remaining to complete your application.

ISFAP also send emails to those students whose application are not valid so that you can fix the issues and resubmit.

After the ISFAP applications closing date, students will not be able to access the site and any updates will be emailed to them.

Once ISFAP receives an application, they then go through it and respond to students applications with ‘Pending’ or ‘Incomplete’. They then go through their internal processes such as testing and following that, they will release offers.

Students will receive a contract once they’ve been approved and this contract will have details about what will be covered and when funding will begin.

Should you have any queries, you can call ISFAP at 087 805 8500 or send an email to

Visit the ISFAP website here to learn more about what ISFAP is.

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