How to Use SASSA Grant Online Booking System

How to Use SASSA Grant Online Booking System

SASSA’s new online booking system means no more long queues. Disability grant holders are now able to use the online system to book their medical assessments, dodging the endless queues and long waits. Here we have all the information on the how’s and what’s of online booking system.


How to Use SASSA Grant Online Booking System

SASSA has launched a new online booking system for people who require disability grants

People with disabilities no longer have to stand in queue after queue, to get their grant because, they can now book their medical assessment online.

These applications enable our beneficiaries to log onto our website…and apply to book for medical assessment. 

Says Abraham Mahlangu, Regional executive manager of SASSA Western Cape.

How to use the online booking system:

  1. Go to GovChat
  2. Enter your cellphone number to receive a one time pin (OTP)
  3. You will go through a screening process to assess your condition
  4. You will be told exactly what documents you will need (please make sure to bring the correct documents)
  5. Choose a date that is convenient for you

The online system can be used by new applicants and existing grant holders. Existing grant holders will have the option to insert their grant reference number.

There are two types of disability grant available in South Africa, the disability grant and the temporary disability grant. The temporary grant requires applicants to retake the test in order to receive the grant again. Generally the grant last about 6 – 12 months.

If you have any difficulties with the online system you are welcome to join the queue and some at the SASSA office will assist you by taking you out of queue.

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On the day of your assessment you will receive a message to remind you of your booked assessment.


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