Advertisements : Grain SA/Sasol Photo Competition 2022 : Grain SA/Sasol Photo Competition 2022

Organization : Grain SA


Competition Name : Grain SA/SASOL Photo Competition

Applicable For : Only amateur photographers

Prize : R15 000


Grain SA/Sasol Photo Competition :

Theme :

** The theme for the 2022 Grain SA/Sasol photo competition is ‘Farm nostalgia’. We are really looking forward to see our readers’ interpretation of this unique theme.

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Prize Money Increased :

** Come on, subscribe: Who knows, maybe you are one of the monthly winners who will win R1 500 in cash or maybe you will be the one walking away with the grand prize of R15 000 at the end of the competition.

** From January 2022 a winner will be selected by a panel of judges each month for twelve editions.

** The monthly winner walks away with a cash prize of R1 500 and the twelve finalists each comes into contention for the R15 000 (winner), R10 000 (runner-up) and a third prize of R5 000.

** A big thank you to Sasol who sponsored the prize money again: R48 000 in total.

Competition Rules :

1. Only amateur photographers (in other words people who do not make a living from taking photos) may enter the competition.

2. Participants may enter a maximum of three photos (with varying subjects) per edition. If more than three photos are entered, the first three photos received will be considered for the competition.

3. Photographers may enter their photographs up until the deadline each month. Entries received after this date will be entered for the following month’s competition.

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4. A participant who is announced as a monthly winner may not enter the competition for the following three editions.

5. Photos that are entered must be unique and should not portray the same theme as photos entered for other competitions. Photos entered may not have been published previously.

6. Entries should portray the theme ‘Farm nostalgia’.

7. Photographers must provide a caption for the photo as well as their postal address and telephone number/s.

8. People on the photos must be identified (provide a name and surname).

9. A panel consisting of two professional photographers, a representative of SA Graan/Grain as well as Sasol, will judge the photos each month.

10. Only emailed entries will be accepted. The photos must not be bigger than 10 MB each, in JPG-format and not smaller than 15 cm x 20 cm. If photos are taken with a film camera, the photos must be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi.

11. Digitally manipulated photos (that are changed digitally) will not be accepted. To crop a photo is, however, not considered as digital manipulation.

12. SA Graan/Grain reserves the right to reject photos that are blurry and/or do not adhere to the competition rules.

13. All entries become the property of Grain SA. The photos will be stored in a data bank and Grain SA and Sasol may use it for future promotions, marketing and publication purposes. By entering the competition, the entrant agrees to this and no third party claims for copy right violation may be submitted.

14. Employees of Sasol, Grain SA and Infoworks may not enter the competition.

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Note :

** Please send photos to elmien AT or to Elmien Bosch. Remember to include your name, contact details and a caption for each photo with your entry.


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