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Name of the Organization : Government of South Africa


Type of Facility : Register Old Age Home

Head Office : Pretoria


GOV SA Register Old Age Home

About registering an older persons residential facility :

** If you want to register an older persons residential facility as an individual or organisation, you must apply at your nearest Department of Social Development office.

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What you should do?

** Go to the nearest Social Development office nearest to where you live.

** Complete application form 9.

** After submitting your application you will be given an acknowledgement letter as proof of your application.

** A social worker will invite other role players such as the environmental health practitioner and a medical officer to investigate and asses the intended residential facility.

** After the assessment visit by the role-players, a report of the findings will be submitted to the Department Social Development office where your application will be either approved, approved conditionally or disapproved.

** If you disagree with the decision, you must appeal to the Minister of Social Development within 90 days of receiving notification.

How long does it take

** It may take four weeks to process your application.

How much does it cost

** The actual application is free but you will pay for other certificates such as the environmental health certificate.

Forms to complete

** The application forms are available from your nearest Social Development office.

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Who to contact

Eastern Cape :

Tel : 043 707 6300

Fax : 043 707 6487

City/town : East London

Province :** Eastern Cape

Physical address :

SASSA Offices 1st Floor

Waverly Office Park 3 -33

Phillip Frame Road

Postal address :

SASSA Private Bag

X 9001 Chiselhurst

East London 5200


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