GEPF Self Service Registration : Government Employees Pension Fund

GEPF Self Service Registration : Government Employees Pension Fund

Organization Name : GEPF


Facility Name : GEPF Self Service Registration

Applicable For : Government Employees in South Africa

Website To Do GEPF Self Service Registration?

The Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) is Africa’s largest pension fund

Just follow the below steps to register for GEPF Self Service.

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Steps :

Step 1 : Visit the official website of GEPF through provided above.

Step 2 : Next click on the “Self Service” link in the menu bar.

Step 3 : Regsiter with RSA ID number/ Foreign Passport Number

Step 4 : Please enter your details below. We’ll send a one time pin(OTP) to the cellphone number or email address provided.

Step 5 : Finally click on “Create My Profile” button to create your account.

FAQ On GEPF Self Service Registration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on GEPF Self Service Registration

1. What happens if the member retires but dies within 5 years of retirement?

When a member dies within 5 years of retirement, the following benefits accrues;

** A once-off lump sum (balance of the 5 years annuity) that will be paid to the member’s beneficiaries, as per the nomination form or paid to the deceased member’s estate, if a deceased member did not have beneficiaries, and

** A monthly pension that is paid to the deceased member’s spouse (spousal annuity)

2. How is the spousal annuity calculated?

If you die in service, the spouse’s annuity is half of the annuity that you would have received had you retired on the date of your death

The calculation is as follows;

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50% X [(1/55 X final salary X pensionable service period) + R360]

3. Documents to be submitted to claim spousal annuity

A certified copy of the deceased’s ID (certified within the last six months)

** A Banking details form (Z894)

** A certified copy of the death certificate

** A certified copy of your ID your ID and confirmation of death by the Department of Home Affairs

** A certified copy of marriage certificate OR your customary union certificate / lobola letter / civil union certificate OR a certificate confirming your Hindu or Muslim marriage OR marriage in terms of any religion

4. What happens if the main member is not married or have a life partner?

If the main member is not married at the time of death, no spouse’s pension is payable.

5. What is Spouse Annuity / Life Partner pension?

A monthly pension or annuity is only paid to the spouse or life partner of a member or pensioner who has died. It is not paid to other dependants or beneficiaries who may have been named on the Nomination of Beneficiaries form

6. What is child’s pension?

When a GEPF member dies, the GEPF pays a monthly pension to his/her young children – this is called child pension. We pay child pension to the children of our deceased members – from birth to 22 years old.

7. Why are we being taxed while working (salaries) and even when we withdraw our pension benefits?

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) taxes all forms of income including pension benefits. The Income Tax Act 58 of 1962, prescribes the basis on which pension benefits must be taxed. The taxation for pension benefits on the mode of exit from the pension fund, namely;

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** Withdrawal,

** Retirement , Death or Severance Benefits

Depending on the mode of exit the applicable tax tables as prescribed by SARS is applicable.


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