GEPF Online Self-Service Login : Government Employees Pension Fund

GEPF Online Self-Service Login : Government Employees Pension Fund

Organisation : GEPF Administration


Facility Name : GEPF Online Self-Service Login (Government Employees Pension Fund)

Applicable For : Member/ Pensioner

Country : South Africa

Website :

What is GEPF Self Service?

GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund) Self Service is an online system whereby customers can access certain GEPF information themselves or select certain services that they want to use. It is designed to be viewable on computers, cell phones and tablets from anywhere and at any time

What Services Are Available On GEPF Self-Service?

When accessing GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund) self-service portal, members will be able to


** Access their benefit statements

** Access tax certificates

** Trace registration and retirement benefit

** Update contact information

** Nominate or update beneficiaries

** Access personalised correspondence like letters and newsletters


** Access latest notices from the GEPF

How To Login Into GEPF Self Service?

To Login Into GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund) Self Service, Follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link

Step-2 : Enter the ID Number or Passport Number


Step-3 : Enter the Password

Step-4 : Click on “Log In” button


FAQ On GEPF Self Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund) Self Service.

What are the benefits of having GEPF self-service?

** You are able to engage with the GEPF from anywhere. No need to travel to a Walk-in Centre,contact the Call Centre or wait for your documents to arrive by post.

** You can check your personal details and update them anytime.

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** You can access self-service using different digital devices at any time from any place that has an Internet connection.

** Self-service saves you time and effort – no more standing in long queues or waiting to be assisted by a Call Centre agent.


Are there any special requirements I need before I start using self-service?

To be able to access the service, members,pensioners and beneficiaries are requested to first register for GEPF self-service so that they can be authenticated. You can register through GEPF self-service Web or App

How Secure is self-service?

The data that is viewed is data the GEPF has which was either provided by yourself or your employer. The portal simply shows the data that GEPF has. The data is not stored by any external party. Access to data is through the member’s credentials and the member needs to keep his/her password safe. Members can change the password at any time if they want to.

I am registered for self-service and will be travelling abroad; will I be able to use self-service from abroad?

Yes, self-service is available to you from anywhere.


Contact the GEPF self-service number at 012 319use this number only for self-service queries or email us at selfservicesupport [AT]

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