Gauteng Open Championship 2022 : Bowls Gauteng Open Championship 2022 : Bowls

Organization : Gauteng Bowls

Competition Name : Gauteng Open Championship

Applicable For : Bowls SA membership card

Competition Deadline : 23 July 2022

Prize : Awards, Certificates



Gauteng Open Championship Conditions Of Play

Introduction :

1. This document will consist of 2 (two) parts, namely;

** A Guide to Competitors and

** Conditions of Play for 2022

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2. This document must not be seen as cast in stone and may change under certain circumstances from year to year.

3. The 2(two) parts of this document must be read in conjunction with one another to avoid any confusion.

Guide To Competitors :

4. Host District & duration of the Tournament :

4.1 The Tournament will be hosted by Ekurhuleni Bowls over the period 01 July 2022 to 23 July 2022.

The Tournament schedule will be as follows :

4.1.1 Weekend 1 – 01/02 July 2022 – Men’s Pairs and Women’s Singles.

4.1.2 Weekend 2 – 08/09 July 2022 – Men’s Singles and Women’s Pairs.

4.1.3 Week 2 – Monday 10 July 2022/Tuesday 11 July 2022 – Mixed Pairs

4.1.4 Weekend 3 – 15/16 July 2022 – Men’s and Women’s Fours

4.1.5 Week 3 – Monday 17 July 2022 to Friday 21 July 2022 – Playoffs as required.

4.1.6 Weekend 4 – 22/23 July 2022 – All disciplines, Quarter-finals, Semi- finals, Finals and Closing Ceremony/Prize Giving.

5. Jury of Appeal :

5.1 The Committee will appoint a Jury of Appeal, which must be approved by Gauteng Bowls, and will consist of :

5.1.1 A Member of the Executive of Gauteng Bowls or a Nominee.

5.1.2 A member of the Host District’s Executive Committee, who is not a Member of The Committee.

5.1.3 The Chairperson of the Host District’s Technical Officials Standing Committee or a nominee of that Committee.

6. Eligibility of Players :

6.1 A player participating in the Gauteng Open Bowls Championships Pairs, Fours and Singles events may only do so through one District and one Club. That being the players Club of “first choice” or the players dual membership Club. Should the player choose the latter said player must supply documentary proof with the official entry form that their Club of first choice is in agreement.

6.2 The Bowls SA membership card, that must be available at all times, determines the Club at which the member is registered as “first choice”.

6.3 The only discipline where an exception can be made and a player may represent more than one club is the Mixed Pairs event where a player is a Dual Member and said player, although representing their Club of first choice in the Singles, Pairs and Fours disciplines, is not representing their Club of ‘first choice’ in the Mixed Pairs. Said player must supply ocumentary proof with the official entry form that their club of ‘first choice’ is in agreement with such an entry.

7. Refunds :

7.1 No refunds will be made to players or teams withdrawing from the Tournament once the draw has been done.

8. Dress and Footwear :

8.1 All players must be dressed in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

8.2 Club approved coloured clothing may be worn subject to all members of a team being dressed uniformly.

8.3 All players shall wear heelless footwear that has either a smooth or ribbed sole (maximum depth of 2mm of the ribbed section of the sole making contact with the green – the thickness of a matchstick)

8.4 Crocs are not acceptable footwear.

8.5 Men may wear tailored shorts.


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