Edgars Get a Thank U Cash Card

Edgars Get a Thank U Cash Card

Organization : Edgars


Head Quarters: CapeTown

Facility : Apply For Thank U Cash & Account Card


Edgars Get a Thank U Cash Card

** Why just shop, if you can get rewarded for shopping? With an Edgars Thank U Cash Card, you earn points every time you shop.

** Apply at your favourite Edgars store.

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** An Edgars Thank U card is so much more than an account card!


** Say ?yes? to a world of rewards, special offers and shopping convenience.

** PLUS you get 6 months interest free.

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** Right at your fingertips. Enter your details to access your account information

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Why do some products in our stores undergo price changes?


There are four main reasons why customers may observe multiple prices on a single product:

a. Pricing adjustments, both up and down, are made by all retailers in response to market conditions.

b. To meet the demand for popular items, we reorder them from our suppliers around the world. We are thus subject to price fluctuations caused by the weakened Rand, together with other inflation costs on the same item.


c. During our special offers, additional red price stickers are often added to the original price tag to identify items that are discounted.

d. Occasional errors and system shortfalls can also result in the pricing on our products being incorrect and/or unclear.

What do I need to take into store to replace my account card?

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Take your ID document into store to replace your account card

What documents do I need to take in store to apply for an account?

You will need copies of your payslip, ID document and proof of residence.

How long before my account application is approved?

2 to 3 working days. Should you not receive any feedback, you can contact the new accounts department on 011 891 8011 to query the status of your application.

My Account card was stolen. How do I block it?

Kindly contact our accounts department on 011 891 8000 and you will be assisted immediately.


Can I change my payment plan from a 12 to a 6 month plan?

No, however you are able to change your payment plan from a 6 to a 12 month plan

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