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Name of the Organization : Umhlathuze Municipality


Type of Facility : Register For Online Services

Head Office :


Umhlathuze Register For Online Services

** e-uMhlathuze Services is a secure free online service that allows home owners, companies, property managing agents and tenants to register for free.

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** Once registered, you can view, download and make payments for all utilities accounts electronically from the comfort of your home or office.

** The e-uMhlathuze mobile site offers the added convenience of interacting via your internet enabled phone or tablet device.

** Registration is a simple pain free process and once validated provides immediate access to your accounts.


We need you to go through a once off registration process :

** In a few easy steps you can be on your way to saving time and money by managing your City of uMhlathuze Municipal Accounts conveniently from your desk.

** The steps to follow will guide you through our registration process. To comply with the registration requirements we need to get some basic information regarding you and your company.

Registration Steps

** Choose below what kind of Rate Payer you are.

** Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and accept these.

** You need to provide us with your personal particulars, your login information and municipal account number you wish to view and pay.

** You will be able to select your own Login ID and password.

** Your privacy is protected

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** Welcome to e-uMhlathuze. You can now login to the system.

To complete the registration process you will need at hand :

** Your City of uMhlathuze Municipality Account Number

** Your ID number


** Your personal details

** Your company number if you are an agent/business

Services Benefits

** e-uMhlathuze Services is a free, simple and secure way of interacting with the City of uMhlathuze from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

** No more waiting in queues, finding parking or worrying about office hours.


** Once registered, you can, view your City of uMhlathuze account, lodge a complaint or query and make payments to the City of uMhlathuze electronically 24 hours a day!

** You also have a full history of all accounts from registration, payments made by using the e-uMhlathuze Services site and electronic complaint and queries available to you at the click of a button.

** Users can also receive email notifications to inform you of new statements issued for your account and successful payments made through the e-uMhlathuze Services site.

** So you can have total peace of mind that all your City of uMhlathuze accounts are up to date.

Payments via e-uMhlathuze Services :

** e-uMhlathuze Services is the preferred method of making a payment in a simple and secure way to the City of uMhlathuze from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

** Use our instructed debit pull or make payment directly from within Standard Bank Internet banking using the MyBills option or Nedbank Internet or Mobile banking using the MyeBills option.

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There are numerous benefits including :

** You will receive an immediate confirmation of the payment instruction via the service followed by a proof of payment and payment receipt once the payment has been confirmed successful by your bank.


** This proof of payment is saved in your payment history and is available to you and the Municipality to view in the event of any payment related issues/disputes.

** Payments made via the service are reconciled and allocated against your account, eliminating any possibility of incorrect allocations or lost payments.

** Payments made via other facilities can take up to 14 days to reflect on your municipal account whereas this delay is removed for payments made via the e-uMhlathuze service, eliminating the risk of unwanted actions by the Municipality.

The Payment Process :

** Choose the bank account you wish to pay from and instruct the payment.

** Your account will be debited with the instructed amount and you will receive notification once the payment has been confirmed successful by your bank.

** Your payment is allocated to your account and will reflect on your next statement.


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